Who's tutorial video do u want next from Thongboy Beebop

For anyone who’s seen the Twelve vid a.k.a. a Masterpiece if not then u suck! At the end he mentioned Sean, Remy & Necro tutuorial vids are comin’ soon. I want Necro, since he has been considered top tier, and I started playin’ with him but I need more on him. A sean vid would be intersting but…it’s Sean and Remy tends to bore me i unno why.

dude, u think you can order ppl around to make vids? damn, he took alot of his time making that vid, he already knew all of it, he just visualized it for all of YOU PPL, how can you say that he has to make another one? I’d say wtf go make your own if I was him, and he isn’t going to make one because 3-4 ppl want Necro, he wouldn’t even make one if 90-1000 ppl wanted it, he makes them because he WANTS to, not because he NEEDS to.

If you would have kept track of the posts a bit and read this forum like once a day, you have seen it took forever to get this vid out, and it took alot of work, and he actually just was doing shit he already knew, just to make it understandable for us…

Man, move over, if he wants to make one, then so be it, and if he doesn’t, then that is fine to.

Dude, just cause he can, doesn’t mean he should

Hey hey cool down I know a took forever, he was workin’ on way before I started usin’ Twelve. I’m not sayin’ he has to make a video now this instant, yes I maybe impatient that video rocked and there’s no reason why he cant make good vid’s of the other characters.

we should lock him in a little room like the key maker from the matrix until he finishes everyone in the game.

I think he should make a “How to put Vampire Savior on your ignore list” video

Do i care, your words dont hurt look at me:lame: yeah that’s what I thought

Couldn’t have put it better myself

lol vampire we arent trying to hurt you or shit, we’re just giving facts that this is THE stupidest thread there is made, and i took taking evil-ken’s 12 hit combo and the BeSt CoMbO eVaRrRR!!11~ in consideration

Um, I voted for Necro.


:0 x10

anyway, i still though it was pretty unclassic how you handled this vampire, he should make one if he wants, not because of public demand

Haha, it’s ok. I kind of wanted to ask anyway, but I thought making a poll about my own videos would look kind of jackass-ish.

Besides, what’s the point in a tutorial nobody needs? Public demand isn’t the end-all, but it’s good to know.

N - Don’t worry, I’ll still do whatever the hell I want.


i would seriously want an alex tutorial vids …
my alex sometimes screwed up …

Gooo Necro!

Fuck you Vampire Savior and stop posting, please.

since there was already a Remy tutorial posted some time ago (by TheHY), Necro or Sean would be sweet :p. i personally voted for Sean, because he is top tier :lol:.


thehy’s vid no doubt is excellent and has no faults to it, but it would be nice to see a vid showing the zoning games remy has other than just combos and charge partitioning.

some stuff that ppl should know r

how to use the cbk effectively (anti throws, anti low moves)

spacing on anti airs with remy, and tick throw strats (i still have problems with this and forget to use this sometimes)

and general tactics on how to stay that “certain” perfect distance away.

i think with this included with charge storing examples and real combos that thehy included in his then it would be a complete remy tutorial.

I’d like to release a Remy vid, but I highly doubt it’ll be before Evo. Sorry lads, you’ll have to take FF’s money next year.


Pathetic how everyone hates such a simple poll thread except Thongboy Beebop, some people just gotta stick up their ass!