Who's willing to help me out?



I’ve had this game for around a month and I am maining Gouken. I have improved quite a bit since I unlocked him (2 days ago.) But I still only win matches once in a while online. Someone willing to show me some combos?
I know these how to successfully do these:
Back grab > Ultra
Back grab > Hurricane Kick
Demon flip (Air kick) > cr. lk > Hurricane kick
EX Sliding Fist > M Sliding Fist
cr. lp > cr. lp > st.lk > cr.lk

That’s pretty much it. I’m not that good but I’ve only been into fighters for a bit more than a week so I guess i’m pretty decent right now.


practice canceling c.hp into ex palm.
an easy way to do it is to hold c.hp down while you finish ex palm with lp and mp.
after zoning, gouken’s ability to punish with that combo is his greatest asset.


Also set up a training dummy to jump and practice palms and df flip sweeps after hp hado to capitalize on that extra damage and working them into corners. Speaking of corners, work on your corner pressure and combos cr.hp xx lp.hado link into sweep and ex palm combos in the corner. Goukens biggest strength IMO is the corner.


This is what I used when I first started maining Gouken, it’s not the end all be all for him but it’s a good starting point.



Try back-throw > EX Tatsu FADC HP Hado > Ultra.

If you get this with even a 50% success rate, You are ready! :china:


Basically, just practice. Online against others, by yourself in the training mode or against other people, preferrably people who are better than you. You’re most likely too fresh to benefit from any advice anyone here might give you and you just need to get some hours in (10-20 for starters.) Then start reading up on terminology, combos, strategies, watch videos, get busy studying and playing to practice what you learn.


I thought you were trolling at first. But it’s 514 damage with full ultra. Waste of meter, but nice :cool: