Who's willing to take over Marvel tourneys?

Last time I was at Julien/ZASS’ house, Keith asked me if I would be willing to run Marvel tourneys AFTER this next one (or whenever the last tourney is). I agreed to do it initially but I changed my mind cause fuck Marvel. I don’t really even know if people still want to have these tourneys, I know the ST players are gonna continue having tourneys but it doesn’t seem like the Marvel players care too much. Also I dunno if they’ll still wanna play after Evolution since that is the tourney lull season. Anyway, I was posting to see if anyone was willing to run Marvel tourneys or if there was even any interest in Marvel tourneys period.

I can see where your coming from with all that.

I would love to see more tourney action.

Maybe we should try some other game for a while? I don’t know if it would hurt in the end but at least it’s a change of pace.

Anyway, what’s up Mandel? You seem to be really despairing about marvel recently. Is it because of the whole bracket incidents or what? I don’t mean to pry, if you have some outside personal stuff that is none of my business. I’m just overly curious by nature.

I guess I shouldn’t be talking since I’m not a marvel player, but it doesn’t seem like it’s dropping off in popularity. So why not just keep having events/tournies? Unless it’s too much to manage then just have casuals or something.

I don’t think it’s good for a scene to be all about one game anyway. It might give people a better perspective to try a different game for a while or just be fun to mess around at least.

You mean try some other game as in have tourneys for a new game? It may not be “good” for a scene to be all about one game, but that’s the way it is up here. Marvel is Seattle’s game. But even that isn’t exactly true, ST has a good group of players up here. Other games can have that, all you need is organization and the motivation to actually make it out to these sessions and shit. I dunno if any other game has the potential for Marvel’s background up here though.

As far as the Marvel thing, for me I was playing to get ready for Evolution, but since it’s very very much unlikely I’ll even attend, I’m losing all interest in the game. It’s kinda spilling over to all fighting games in general. Makes me wonder why I’m even playing. I’m just not having fun anymore, especially in Marvel. Storm/Sent is the pinnacle of that game, so that means you’re either fighting MSS or Storm/Sent/AA, and it gets very boring to fight against. Doesn’t help that with all the practicing/playing I was doing, I saw no real improvement. If it wasn’t for the people that played Marvel, I would say Marvel is a complete waste of time.

I’m pretty sure it’s time to fall back.

Yeah, I know marvel is pretty much seattle’s game. I think that’s probably why I feel so out of place in the scene. I keep me picturing myself at gw on the left hand side of the 3s cab with nobody on the right. I think at some point I have to just resign myself that people up here just don’t do 3s. After coming down to portland and seeing that there are a decent number of 3s players and a working cab, one can’t help but try and give seattle a nudge.

As for you burning out on marvel, I think that is a damn shame. I may only play 3s but I walk up to pretty much every match aiming to win and I lose like 9/10 matches to anyone who plays the game regularly. I practice quite a bit too, sadly. However, I still keep going back at it. Now I KNOW you’re ratio has to be higher then 9/10 matches lost even if you’re having a rough day or two. I think as frustrating as it may seem, you will end up being more upset in the end realizing you gave it up. The only reason you probably feel so out of place is that we have such a strong force in marvel anyway. I bet if you went to some other scene you would stomp those people.

I say stick with it, and in the words of the late pablo “Don’t lose heart!”

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Pablo’s dead? But I didn’t get to see him beat the shit out of Kuenai in a drunken rage. Another of life’s goals unfulfilled.

^sorry but the rules clearly state that he is dead.

I have proof!


He looks so peaceful…

I just realized that when you quoted my post, it said “originally posted by kuenai” which is pretty weird considering he didn’t post in this thread. But I see what you’re saying man. I been playing this game since I was 17 years old. Fuckin 17! I haven’t made any major noise in this game. At Evolution, and other major tourneys, you’re given the chance to do that. However anything like that, this year, is out of the question. So basically I have no real reason to play unless I’m gettin ready for like Evo or something =/. I know I definitely don’t have the tolerance to play it right now.

What if tourneys were held more sparringly, and not every time Zach kindly let’s all us busters into his home? That way, shit gets real serious any time a tourney comes around. Just a thought.

I’m 17… but I started last year :wonder:

And wtf was that? How do you get the name wrong in a quote?

Wow, you guys are real serious about your games.

I’m down to tourney in whatever.

That’s exactly why I quit and every one ridiculed me for it.

That’s why I don’t want to even get competative at it. I nly want to be competative at ST, CvS2, 3S and Melty Blood: Act Cadenza, which these aren’t really all that hard of feats to accomplish in my eyes.

Well, I’ll take that as nobody wants to take it over. So I really hope I don’t see any posts about “what’s up with marvel tourneys?”

And Stuart, who’s everybody? Three of the games you mentioned don’t even have scenes up here. So those would be very hard feats to accomplish.

I ment everyone in my crew looked down upon me when I quit marvel cause that was the “big” game around 253. Kenny, Ajay, Zach, Johnny, Ryan, Mikey a bunch of my friends were just like “OMG UR QUITTING MARVEL UR GHEY!”

And as for me wanting to be competative at the games I mentioned, I said they wouldn’t really be that big of a feat for ME, but I may be wrong.

Sorry if I seemed hostile, but it’s partially my fault cause I could have made my post more detailed/logical in general.

If there’s to be a get-together on the 20th, I can run the tournament then. Unfortunately, I’ll be moving to Pullman the weekend of the 10th, so that would be the only one I’d be able to do in the foreseeable future.

There’s definitely not one at my house on the 20th. This weekend is the only weekend this month that’s not completely crazy for me. :smile: