Who's winning?




I knoe who’s gonna win :stuck_out_tongue: I’m putting all my money on Black:evil:


Same as before… Japan in SFs, US in Marvel, and as for the other games… who cares.

I do wonder if Japan will be sending players for the other non-SF games, actually.


So far, it looks like Ponder is the favorite.

But seriously, I think it would be interesting if some Korean players came to play the 3D games.


I hope to win in 3s. I’ve been practicing my shoryukens.


That would be dope. Even if they don’t send the top specialists, I bet some of the J-players or even K-players have very good chances of winning multiple games, like how ohnuki plays VFE.


I have faith in the US for winning in the StreetFighter games…As long as we have no fear…and play hard we will come out on top…Fuck playinf other Americans I’m going to defeat Japan…I hear they talk much shit about me…:lol: ugly bastards…



Koreans will win T4 (if Maddogjin comes)… if not, prolly Thomas Kim (still a Korean… but here in US) will take it.

TTT… I think Koreans will win if top are sent. Our #1 contender may be JOP? (is this guy coming?)

VF4 and SC2… I have no clue.

CvS2… Japanese

MvC2… US

3S… Japanese

Super Turbo… US ? (Jason Cole again?)

Hehehe… I think it’d be interesting if we also had KOF games and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure!!! THE WORLDO!!!



the winner :stuck_out_tongue:

BAS!! all the way! too bad theres no alpha 3, he owns in alpha 3!! :stuck_out_tongue:
he doesnt play mvc2 tho(i think), but its ok cuz, BAS all the way!


japanese will take CvS2 =/ we dont got enuf good rc whores =/


have the best chances at the japanese =D


Hey Inkblot, can Jason Arney (WCMaxi) technically enter the SC2 tournament if he wanted to? I heard he helped develop the game.


If any good Japanese players come for VF4e, they’ll win. The scene in America isn’t so bad that the Japanese coming for other games will own us, though. :slight_smile:


He doesn’t allow anyone to tape his play so probably not.


I’m winning the most money! Screw the results, everyone who’s going is going for money! Reputation, experience, and all that other shit doesn’t matter. Everyone wants to win that 600 bucks!


Not just Japan. The rest of the world talks shit about you cause you stink. :lol: :lol: :lol:


When did japan talk shit about you? Some people here in SRK don’t like you because you are too cocky and you don’t have the skills to back up what you say. It’s ok to be confident but you need to stop fantasying and set some real goals for yourself.


On the the EvL DvD and through word of mouth…Dont worry about me…I’ll talk shit if I want to…If you feel you wish to play in a grudge match then so be it…dont talk on me when you dont know me or how I play…or who I play…What you need to do is stay out of Scrub Status…

-B.:cool: :lol:

P.S- Box is a ho…a scrubby ho…


grudge matches are gay unless there is money involved.


I don’t take advice from scrubs.


Coming from you??? Riiiight…:rolleyes: :confused: :lol: