Who's Your Alt?



Been playing Abel rather consistently now, but I think it’s time to learn some more characters.

Not asking, “LOLCHOOSEMEANALT.” Just curious what everyone else has picked up.


I like playing with bison and balrog sometimes, both have great AA, better then abel atleast. and you can play the keep away game, both have great health as well.

abel is fun to play with, but against very good players online, who know the matchup well, its just frustrating to get in onthem and do damage. I kind of get tired of useing him all the time.


Abel is my alt actually. my main is vega.


Rufus. Because I like to stay close to my opponent and mix him up.


Chun. More like a co-main…


My mains are Abel and Dudley, I use Cody too but not that much anymore.


No one


So far Seth and Gouken, I’m workin on Juri and lowly on others.


Dhalsim is my alt, but I also play viper, hakan and cody. in that order


Main Able. I have fun playing Ibuki or Juri as alts because they are so much smaller and faster. Ibuki’s mix up game is fun as well.




Sim. They are polar opposites. One of the few things that they have in common is lack of reversals, but Abel is my offensive character and Dhalsim is my keep away.



No Abel?


Assuming Abel is his main.

I mained the foot of Jesus in Vanilla.




Cammy, but I can use more than 3/4ths of the cast at a somewhat decent level.


Im weary of people who say this…


Floe can do it well enough. I suppose others can, too.

I like playing a semi-turtley RTSD sort of hybrid; I’m finding Rufus to be interesting. But, I feel like I’m tier humping. ><


It says somewhat decent. That means… I can AA, do a high punishing combo, or FADC-ultra with 3/4ths of the cast. That’s somewhat decent, amirite? I’m not saying I’d pull them out in a tournament. =p


I’ve been picking up Chun lately just for a change of pace from Abel and so that if I go into a tourney I have a backup plan in case I run into someone that knows Abel really well.