"Who's Your Daddy!" SF 4 - (Sacramento, CA) - (4-24-09)

Empires Comics Vault Presents “Who’s Your Daddy” Street Fighter IV Tournament

When: Friday April 24, 2009 @ 7 pm

**Where: **Empires Comics Vault (Click for Directions)

**Details: **Double Elimination (Winners Best of 5 Rounds | Losers Best of 3 Rounds)

System: PS3 (bring whatever sticks your prefer)

Entry Fee: $5 (Prizes Based On Attendance! additional prize support by Sony) Had over 20 fighters enter our last tournament!

Rules: Announced Before Tournament (Pretty Basic)

**Registration: **On site registration or You can pre-register:

By Email: empirescv@hotmail.com
By Phone: 916.924.0775

Hope to see you all there, and remember to bring your “A Game” cause we don’t play!

View: Tournament Flier Here

Ill be there!

Awesome, see you there!

THat was the worst tournament ever! The set up was bad. Was not allowed to use my stick after i was told i could so when i actually played i didnt put any effort into fighting because there was not point. I couldnt do any moves because of the greasey controllers they had. What a waste of time. Learn how to set up a tourney next time and make it madatory to wear deodorant cuz some people had major B.O

you just got Tiger

Why wouldn’t not be able to use your sticks?

It was how they had there tournament set up. The manager said the PS3 was in the back room and no one was allowed in there. Other people brought sticks but were not able to use them. I guess the guy thought all sticks are wireless or something.

dam man i was gonna go to the tourney but i called and they said only wireless controllers man that ruins it so bad, any 1 knw any other tourney?

any 1 going again tomaro? i hope its not as badd as u guys said, im gona use my fight pad since we cant use sticks, other then that it should b fun

Wow finally found a tourney in Sac…but no sticks!? WTF is that bullsnish!?

Is this an every Friday thing?

its evry other friday next 1 is june 12th i won the last 1 had some good games, skill levels varied alot, sum beast and some newbs but it was fun to me, i hope i can win a cuple more

dam this thread is dead, any 1 goin to the next tourney? they should realy giv out cash prizes, but im just goin for the comp

june 12th evry1 hope fuly ppl show up, we had 12 ppl last time

camon keep the thread alive i wanna se more ppl there this time

tourney tomaro hoos goin?

theres one today? it says april…

thesres 1 today at 7pm, it says apriil cuz that was the 1st 1 if yall can make it go , i will b there

i gt woopd this time lol, my next turney should b july 3rd

Are they allowing sticks for the next tourney?

you should update the 1st post or make a new thread so that ppl will know theres a new tourney coming up…