Who's your Fav MK9 Character

Just want to get some insight on which MK9 Character you use offline and online.

Liu Kang is definitely my favorite/main right now, but I’m also liking Ermac, Kabal, and Kano a lot too.

Ermac and Sub-Zero are my favorites. I also picked up Smoke and is very fun to play.

Shang Tsung, Noob and reptile.

Can’t really pick, but probably between Ermac, Subzero or Raiden. Haven’t tried the entire roster to a full extent so to speak.

Jonny Cage, Stryker and SZ… my favorite characters in the story though are Cage and Sub

Ermac, Smoke & Noob. Gonna hit training mode with Kabal when I have time. Might get it on with Sub, idk yet.

Kabal definitely

I feel like the only person who likes Sheeva >_>


Favorite would be Smoke (Classic or costume 2), Classic Reptile, Nightwolf, Mileena.

My least favorites would be: Ermac (looks gay doing all these hand movements and not really fighting, using “magic”, Smoke costume 1 (long hair is a different look I don’t like), and Reptile in Lizard form.

Definitely big on Quan Chi’s character design and playstyle. I just wish he gets a buff down the road since he is lacking in several areas. Currently I kinda fell for Shang Tsung’s ability to combo without much fear of being combo broken. That and I just enjoy juggling mofos with flaming skulls spawning all over the place. I love Cyber Sub-Zero’s rush down design, but Jesus, his actual character design is bland as hell.

Ive always like Reptile, Scorpion, and Shang Tsung from my old mk2-3 days :D.

My Fav would have to be Kung Lao just becasue of his abilty to combo so easily and his quickness

I have a few secondaries, but my absolute favourite is Sektor. His intro is one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen, and I let that shit run through every match I play haha. He’s got solid, easy damage, nice mix-ups and I love his EX-Up missile. He’s criminally slept on, imo.

reptile is my fav and always has been. Behind him for me are Quan chi, Smoke and Shang Tsung.

I love Kano

Cyrax. I loves me my neon net throwing, bomb slinging robot action. The fact that he has/had bomb trap was just gravy, I wanted to play Cyrax before the game even came out. I’ll miss it when it’s gone, though

Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Mac, Rep, Smoke, Shang, Nightwolf