Who's your Fav MK9 Character

My favorite is Jade, I love all of her special moves.

As far as canon, Raiden is hands down my favorite. It’s weird too because I’ve always been a person that uses the bad guys in games (Wesker, Doom, Balrog, Bison, Kazuya, Bowser) but something about Raiden that is just gdlk, no pun intended. But for MK9 I like more characters. Smoke was my favorite before the game dropped. He looked cool as a physically and as a game character. Also Johnny is amazing in this game. But Raiden is still my favorite. Always has been, always will be.

Noob Saibot. Shadows are really cool to me. And hes Sub-Zero, but Akuma-style.

I like Kabal and Raiden in MK9. I think Noob Saibot looks good as a character, but far too zoning heavy. I wish he had more combos midscreen and some shadow shenanigans. I thought I’d like Ermac because he was my favorite character in UMK3, but I don’t like his MK9 incarnation. Hopefully Kenshi is good. Female characters in this game don’t interest me right now, especially since Sindel got hit with the nerf stick early on. Another favorite of mine from UMK3, Sonya, seems meh too.

Stryker, Mileena, Ermac, and Smoke x)

Kitana is gorgeous in this game. I think I fell in love.

I even made her the background on my phone <3



After some revisioning of Pros and Cons, i’d have to say that These are my biggest favorites

EX-GroundFreeze at 2:25!

Jax (OHH YEAH!), Cyber Sub and Subzero. I like playing with Kano as well

Love Kitana, but still figuring out my subs. Still a toss up between Mileena, Jade, Ermac, and Sonya. They are all fun to play.

Swapping all around.

From Subzero, Ermac, Sektor, Kratos, Liu Kang, but currently I’d say Cyber Subzero as my main.

Some players online are just so pathetic, I convinced them to try something new after playing me, if I didn’t do anything they would still play as Kung Lou jumping around like a reject spinning and mashing away with chip damage. At least they are getting better at turtling if anything.

At least half the roster isn’t charging or grab gimmick, but there are still plenty of unavoidables which may also be overpowered in one way and be weak sauce in another.

My two favourites as of this minute are Sub-Zero and Kratos.
Sub-Zero simply being a childhood thing, 5 years old playing MK3 was brilliant. Also you get so many salty players immediately picking Scorpion after giving them a Subby beatdown.
Kratos because I love big damage. 45% is a BnB for him. I love it!

I’m gonna go wit kitana jax and kano…kitana is so fun to use…but I’m startin to like boob a lot too

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Scorpion and Jade are my favorite characters.

Yup, boob is definitely awesome.


yea,Sub-Zero being my fav since MK2,but i’m have to say no to Kratos just cause is slow but powerful and i don’t Know how to use him anyway. i suck online wit him

At the moment, Scorpion (although I need to change haha)
I have also been playigng alot of skarlet and Sonya…

i like to play kitana but my personal favorite is mileena. she’s crazy. i haven’t seen much of kratos, if any unfortunately. stuck on the 360. i like ps3 a lot better though, seriously. that d pad is amazing