Who's your sub?



And why?

I’m looking to pick someone else up for funsies, just curious how and why you guys pick your sub.


M.Bison, he is kind of fun to play, what he has cannot compensate for Vega’s weaknesses but if you like keeping pressure on the opponents and force them to keep block and stay in the corner , he is the good choice
Unlike Vega, he has more tricks (not gimmick) and it’s easy to apply in real match.
However, at high level play, he sucks. At low to mid level play, he dominates

Decapre is my next try, she is not top tier, but is seemsly more viable than Vega or Bison, my opinion.


Bison seems too much like Vega. I’ve always felt that way about the character, they’re both kinda similar styles going way back to SF2.

I might try Poison.


Ken. That match-up and the fucking kara-throws always drove me nuts, so I decided to join 'em. Plus, I wanted to learn a rushdown character. Pretty uninterested in Ultra Ken although the walkspeed is fun. I’m playing more Dudley now–going the fuck in, popping combos and stunning people. It’s a nice break from Vega.


Hugo. I’m hot ass with him so far but I’m working on it.


Gen and Rose. They are both footsie-centric characters that have different enough playstyles from Vega to keep it interesting. Gen is a mixup heavy character with an invincible (albeit unsafe) dp, good pressure from hands, and lots of Vega-esque tricks with his wall dives and rolls. Rose can play a longer-range game than Vega and now in Ultra, does a shitload of damage with and without meter; sitting pretty on the other side of the screen and throwing fireballs can be a nice break from the battle of attrition that is whittling away the enemy with the claw.

I may also pickup Decapre. Somewhat Vega-like but with actually decent rushdown, amazing ultras, and an invincible, fadc-able dp.


Had some play time with Poison tonight. Yeah, I’m digging it. She’s pretty nice to play, although she too seems to have some inconsistency on her hit boxes.


I feel like I’ve been too spoiled with Vega’s godlike walk speed and jump to get into Poison haha. Though her backdash seems pretty good.


I use a lot more than just two but it’s always more interesting to pick less used characters others can’t handle.


Bison. Though I cannot call him a sub, as I only know a few of his combos. I can complete his trials in 5 mins, but to put them to real matches and learn his tricks one has to dedicate time and some effort. And noone other than Vega deserves that effort.


Dee Jay. But i’m switching him out for Decapre this time around.


I had a lot of fun playing Poison again last night. She holds her own against Cammy pretty well. She’s a solid character for sure.


Deejay as well. His good anti-airs and fireballs help me fight some matches better than Vega can. I rely on fast reactions and quick charging to force opponents to always face me on the ground. He also says “AY~!” a lot which is fun when im just trolling around.