Whose gameplay is better and who is the better character to use? Guile or Nash?


They’re related and they somehow have some similar moves and most especially they look similar that they look like father and son.

Whose gameplay is better? Who is the better character to use? Guile or Nash?


Nash is more offensive, Guile will be more defensive.


Guile all the way


Is he really ?

Nash seems more like a hit and run character while Guile is more like a wall. I honestly think that an offensive Guile would be more threatening. That and a defensive Nash would be far more slippery than Guile.


Yea. It’s a mobility thing. Nash relies on hit and runs and Guile is like a rock that can move periodically. Either of those styles can be incorporated as defensive or offensive, or both.

As far as better character to use. Well first, Guile isn’t out yet, so its tough to say who’s better just based on that alone. But in any case, I think it boils down to playstyle. Do you like mobility or setting up a wall? I already play as Nash and am planning on picking up Guile when he comes out just so I can get a change of pace.


Capcom finally throwing the lame people a bone. Pretty sure Dieminion is gonna stay with Guile to the end. Gets to be as lame as he used to with better offensive options.




Neither is better. Different similar plat style with difference to suit different playstyles. You want more offense and mobility? Nash. You want more defense? Guile.


Which is why I assume KnuckleDu will probably use both characters. Using those 2 characters together will probably cover a lot of matchups. Probably better off using characters like Guile vs Mika, then having Nash for dealing with other zoning capable characters like Ryu or Fang.


Which one would be a better sparring partner for Ingrid?


I also would like to ask as to who is easier to use?