Whose level 3/max supers take lame energy

Reason I am asking so I don’t have this happen 2 me again.

I was playing on live with a few secs to go and some guy had about 1/3 energy left and I had about 2 pixels.

I was on N grrove and had activated the HP + HK and had another stock

I blocked Kyo’s move and did Iroi’s multi hit super and lost as it couldn’t even kill the guy and time then ran out.
Who else’s super on max/level 3 take shit damage ?

I know Kyo’s serpent wave super does more than the fire column type super as that shit cost me a match as well.

Terry’s busta wolf does crap damage IMO

Iori’s RUsh super damage per hit. It does a set amount of damage but only if time allows it. The time ran out before the super was finished, thus ending the damage.

If you were Blanka and hit him with a Direct Lightning and time ran out as the life was still going down, the game would count the life left instead of life left when time was called.

Ryo’s super heavenly punch, or whatever it is called. The plus side is that it does leave them dizzied.

alone, it only does 3000 damage, but i guess the dizzy combo would make up for it. ryo sucks anyways.

abhi: next time try s.:lp: > cl.:hp: xx super with iori

did you know if you do Athena lv3 2x hcb while the other player is blocking in the corner, you can taker away about 25-30 percent of their life, if they block standing up, if not it still takes away nice damage.

Rugal, Sagat & Balrog.

seriously guy, rugal c-groove cancel is so weak

The Giganton Blow super is such a joke, never use it. :confused:

rugal c-groove cancel …weak…?

Try this super combo:
R1-Rugal vs R1-Blanka

j.hk, s.hp, hcb+hp, ->(to corner), lvl.2 total annihilation, (cancel in air) qcf+lp, land, lvl.1 total annihilation. --> 12 hits. (~9520 damage)

if u can find out another R1-character damage R1-Blanka over this damage, then i respect ur words.

Of cause this is talking about C-groove only cos u said “rugal c-groove cancel is so weak”.

you read the first post wrong.

… Sorry, my fault.

The Todo counter super doesn’t do shit for damage. Really irritating.

chun li:
spread eagle, land, c.hp xx level 2 kick super, lightning legs, c.lp c.mp xx level 1 kick super into mixup of choice

R1 A-Sakura vs. R1 Blanka

j.fierce, s.fierce, lkHurricane, s.jab xxActivatexx shoshosho, end with lkHurricane, s.jab, s.strong, hpUppercut Dizzy

alright level 3’s uuh id have to say rolentos knife air throw

knife throw, c.mk xx qcf+HPx3 takes off more life than his tripwire

weak lvl3 supers:
sakura, all 3
chun li, punch super
vega, flipkick super
morrigan, fireball supers
dan, taunt super ( :-] )
kyosuke, fireball super
yun, qcfx2+p and qcfx2+k
kim, launch super (outside of corner)
king, both supers (since they can’t be combo’ed really)
nakoruru, heal super ( :-] )
athena, both supers

kim - launch then like a j.hp or something i dunno. 6000 damage - decent
and athena level 3 fireball blocked does like 4000+ damage and safe on block