Whose man enough to rep Feurte at EVO this year?



I’m not going, but I wouldn’t mind keeping an eye out for anyone sporting the Luchador army at EVO.


I would go if I had the cash, next year is a definite for me though


Pretty much hate that character. Seems rubbish and gimmicky combined based on if your getting them on wake up. Money wise, I would rather go see a game at the stadium or something instead of waisting it just to lose in some gimmick. A wins a win either way I guess, more people tend to rage quit when I use him.


Goddamn I raged so hard. For my safety, you get the first spot on my ignore list. Jesus chrfhisajb ,

Also wtf kind of a random post is that? :l


From the general Fuerte discussion.


Los 3 amigos right there.


Next year I will do my best to join you guys! This year I will be cheering for the los 3 amigos Wholeheartedly :smiley:

IMO, anyone who comes to a specific character forum to just badmouth the character and troll randomly should be banned. This forum is meant for people who love the luchador, so if you have issues with him simply don’t post here.


I’m trying to find airplane tickets… but at this time is very very hard. I’ll keep trying and I’ll let you know when I have the tickets… I hope

I reaaaaly want to go to Evo


i will personally pay for your tacos if you manage to come.


i may be goin! only thing im not excited about is that its world cup finals that weekend! but if i do go ill be sportin my elf


i am hoping to see some fuerte in the streams. getting kinda sick of the bison/balrog/rufus/guile army that we see more often than not. with buktooth leaving team lucha someone has to step up.

for me it may be a thing next year should i save my pennies and if KOFXIII doesn’t stink so I have something else to play over there aside from SSF4.


I was going to go but I had to use my Evo funds on something else. :frowning:

Next year!


I originally planned to rep Midwest Fuerte, but last second funds failed…being 18 and about to head to college doesn’t bode well for Vegas trips.


I went 4-3 with Marn today, and 2-3 with Jwong. I played Kai a bunch, I won some but it was pretty even.

I’m excited for Evo!


I can’t go due to me being 16, but I’ll be watching out for Paper in grand finals. :stuck_out_tongue:


You teenagers making me feel like an old fart. I’ve played games older than some you people here

/off my lawn


Im 23 and this topic is giving me wrinkles.


Its time for the young fuertes to take over. I played kai and did ok, i didnt get to play marn though he’d always leave right as paper was about to lose:lol:


Fuck that im going Kazi - NJ PA playaaa


Paper, I need to play some matches against you. I know I’ve missed a few of your endless invites, but I’m on more frequently now!