Whose more scary in da club? SAGAT or BALROG (boxer)?

My boys and I were playing some ssf4, having a few drinks and smoking some trees. You know how we do.

I don’t know how this topic came about, but I’m interested to know the general opinion of the sf community.

I’ll give ya’ll the scenario; you’re in the the club looking at girls and getting your drink on. You get carried away and you dance like a fool. Then you accidentally knocked over SAGAT or BALROG’s drink all over their face and clothes. Now they pissed, and looking into your eyes.

Whose more scary in this scenario? SAGAT or BALROG?

Please vote in poll for srk community observe statistic if u can. :slight_smile:

'Rog. You know Sagat don’t dance, so he’s gotta be a bouncer. Don’t start no shit and he won’t molest your face with the CFOG. Balrog is gonna come in, get drunk, start shit, pinch asses (Be it man, woman, or child) and bite the ear of the first person to try to stop him. Basically, he gonna ruin the party and you know it’s coming. Next question?


Hard one.

Tall ass mother fucker missing an eye or black dude that looks like Mike Tyson.

Well I’m assuming Sagat is wearing a shirt so you don’t see the scar correct?

Shiet… I love to fight an all, but ain’t fucking with either one to be honest. :rofl:

I think with Rog you can offer to buy him a few drinks or call my home girls over and tell them to dance with him or some shit, and he would be cool. With Sagat I don’t know does that mother fucker even drink? I think Starhammer right that dude don’t probably don’t even dance. So can’t buy him off with bitches either…

Thai people don’t bring guns to clubs.



As I see it.

I’d rather get shot then tiger shot.

for sure. sagat for sure is scarier

Sagat’s calmed down a lot more since his revenge-hungry SFA days, though. SF4 Sagat would be all understanding about the incident. Rog would headbutt the shit out of you, though.

Purely based on appearance you’re gonna be more scared of a 9ft brick shit house with an eye patch and no pupil than just a stocky black guy but… I don’t reckon Sagat would really do much, he’s much more chilled out now. Balrog on the other hand would probably just jaw you for a laugh. Kinda like Mike in The Hangover lol.

CFOG = cr.Fierce of God?

Balrog, yeah he’s not nine feet tall but it’s not like 8’11" is the invisible cut off line for getting your ass whooped or not. Dude wouldn’t even let you explain yourself “you cant hold on to your drink when you’re wearing boxing gloves anyway bruh”

crap did i just log into gamefaqs

OP would be negged for this severely if rep was still here. However I find [media=youtube]cM7vqqS8jSI"[/media] of relevance to the thread.

Well does drink build revenge meter?

Is this like a chatroom (online) or a real club (arcade)?

More than likely I’d rather it was Balrog. While he can land a headbutt into an ultra…more than likely - after being attacked he crouches down back…giving me ample time to go check my coat and just walk out the club to the spot across the street ot get a ham sandwich.

Sagat could just post up againts the wall, but with his size 34 feet he’d roundhouse me while I’m at my car trying to run away and follow that up with an ultra of choice.

Turtle Rog 4tw…

Gief > Sagat > Rog…

  • :bluu:

Alpha Sagat or ST Sagat. Because STSagat is one skinny fucker, I’d just punch him in the crotch and tell him to sit down before realizing the huge mistake I’ve made.

A starving Rufus IMO.

…and you took the last chicken wing and dropped it on the floor.



Balrog is the typical bouncer trying to make that money. Sagat is a brawler.

If Balrgog is mad, you can bribe that mofo with chicken, watermelon, and kool-aid. Sagat on the other hand, you can’t cuz he be sticking both fists up your ASS… while yelling out ASS UPPERCUT! shiet is crazy

Boxer is always scarier in close-quarters. Now, if I had somehow knocked over Sagat’s drink from full screen, then yeah sure, Sagat.

Also, if you knock over Sagat’s drink there’s at least a chance you can try to blame it on someone else because his vision is poor.