Whose Sonic Boom is more powerful Charlie's or Guile's?

The backup story in issue 14 made me wonder this since there is a difference in how both of them executes the move.

Charlie’s. One, I’m pretty sure he created the movie, and two he can do it single handedly. Guile obviously has to apply a lot more effort to do the move since he has to do it with two hands.

actually guile sonic boom is more efficient, why? since he uses both arms to do a sonic boom there are actually two sonic booms, one in each arm. but charlie only uses one arm so technically its only 1 sonic boom. i would say guile sonic boom is stronger since there are two. But you can also argue that two sonic boom can also be weaker than one sonic boom. i dont think theres a clear answer to this question. try it on alpha 3, see who’s sonic booms takes more vitals. thats the closest thing to an answer you might get.


Its Charlie’s. Charlie can throw ones out of his arms and feet, and can also combine two one handed ones into one powerful one.


Guile’s is not one in each hand. Guile has to use both hands just to get up enough power to create a single Sonic Boom, that is still weaker then Charlie’s one handed Sonic Boom.

Charlie has always been more powerful then Guile in everyway, and probaly always will be.

Also Charlie does alot more damage in SFA3 then Guile does, because they decide to make Guile fit the canon in terms of gameplay, so in order to do that he had to be weaker then Charlie who wasnt a strong character (physicaly) gameplay wise, so this made Guile incredibly weak in SFA3.

Remy’s sucks, his version is weaker then even Guile’s.

Charlie is 1000000000 times stronger than Guile, so Charlie’s Sonic Boom is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay stronger than Guile’s.

Fuck this retrospective Canon man! The Sonic Boom has always and will always be Guile’s move.

I think the reasoning that Charlie’s sonic boom is better because it can only be launched by one hand is purely a conjecture from the plot guide that Udon seem to have adapted. Same goes for the theory that Charlie makes a better sonic boom since it can be launched from his foot (This conclusion was made from the fact that in Charlie’s sonic break animation, one of the moves there is a sobat, giving the impression that the foot actually launches the projectile). The way I see it, Capcom just got lazy so they recycled the animation of that super from one of his basic moves.

The only clear statement (officially written) is that Charlie is Guile’s master. I don’t think Capcom went specifcally on stating who has the stronger chi.

Charlie’s seeing as how he taught Guile the Sonic Boom and Flashkick.

Being the master doesn’t specifically make you better. At first of course you’re going to have the advantage but with training the fighter can improve his style and it is possible for him to surpass his master. Just being general now not particularly talking about Guile and Charlie.

Street Fighter Plot Cannon Version 4.0 by Tiamats

you do have a very good point nortlee, but capcom stated that charlie is stronger than guile therefore, Charlie sonic boom is far more powerful than guiles sonic boom. if guile keeps training then he will eventually become stronger than Charlie, but capcom stop guiles storyline back in SF2 so we dont know what the hell guile is doing right now except taking care of his family.

Remy can also throw sonic booms with 1-hand, but i dont remeber if his porjectile is actually a sonic boom?? but if capcom go into more detail about these 3rdstriker characters, then that would be very helpful and see how strong Remy’s projectile is.

Thanks for the info Skyler, well that’s the thread completely cleared up then lol. The master would usually be better but as I said not always which is more the emphasis I wanted to add to the thread, I wasn’t being Guile and Charlie specific I was merely being general. As for what Guile is doing now, as you said we can only guess that he settled at home to a family life again, I would have thought that he would have stopped fighting after Bison’s demise but my personal conclusions don’t count for much here.

As for Remy, his Sonic Boom type projectile is called “Light of Virtue”.

Didn’t Nash die tho?
If that is the case I would deffinetly say Guile is stronger. :xeye:

Someone gets killed so that makes someone else stronger?
I’d call that just unlucky myself but whatever lol.

Well seeing as how he is dead & Guile obvisouly kept himself in shape i’d say he comes out on top. :arazz:
But I am willing to say that Nash was most likely the stronger of the 2 when he was alive…I don’t think it really matters in the end tho.



The power/tier ratings are judged most recent or last appearence. Charlie’s last appearence was in SFA3, Guile’s was SF2, and Charlie was still way stronger in SFA3 then Guile was in SF2.

And how do you know Guile kept in shape? The last time we saw him was SF2 and he had no reason to keep fighting or whatever after that.

Not accordint to Capcom.

No because if that were true then Capcom wouldnt of made Guile insanely weaker in SFA3 compared to Charlie or himself in SF2.

Nevermind, I just realised we are all dorks for arguing about the plot of A video game. :lame:

You’re dumb. I hate people like you, you dummy face.

And I hate you to. :clap:

Amen to that. I respect that it’s Capcom’s sandbox, they can do what they want, but I really hate that they made Charlie better than Guile canon-wise. Oh well.