Whose still on 256mb?

If you still are you can feel my pain:shake:

What about using FreeBSD with FluxBox or something like that?
I know the torture of the screeching hard disk drive.
Setting a fixed size swap file is what I do.

Ram? HDD? Pendrive?

ram :sad:

One of my old PC’s has 256Mb Ram. It’s only really used for downloading stuff so any more isn’t really necessary.

Have 2Gb in my main PC though :wgrin:

I have 4096mb of ram but unfortunately my 32-bit OS only recognizes 3072mb.:sad:

Hey, I won my computer in a contest so don’t think I’m a ram whore or anything.:wgrin:

i only have 512 :frowning: but the upgrade to 2 will be soon

ram is cheap nowadays, time to upgrade :wink:

I couldn’t even imagine using 256 ram. You’re hardly better off than if you were using an abacus…

im on 480 on my laptop because of my graphics card, though until recently my old desktop only had 128

that shit was fucking fast though, id watch youtube all day on that thing via wifi and a usb1.1 port.

but aside from that, i could only have 2 programs open at once: windows media player and whatever i was using, unless it was windows media player, firefox, and AIM

Seems like it’s time for an upgrade.
I was on the same boat as you last week but i just bought a laptop with 4 gb of ram for about $650.

Lol, I am. And yes, I feel your pain :sad:

I could buy some ram right now but it’s either ram or new sneakers
Which out weighs the other…

Hey I used to have a 64mb computer that ran Callus and Final Burn just great! MAME ran like poo though, obviously. I had Windows 98 on that thing. I remember MUGEN used to crash on the large characters…“Program error - Out of memory”.

Runnin 663 mhz PIII with 512 megs of ram.

Eh, it does what I need it to (look at porn).

Just install Win95 and you’ll be flying :slight_smile:

well now that i have the cash i’ll upgrade to 2 gigs of ram, but that’s it really. i dont use my laptop for much except emulators, and for street fighter IV (hopefully) on the go when it comes out. i mean honestly, does anybody REALLy need that much on their computer if they are a console person?

Maybe that console person needs to work with a program like Autodesk 3ds Max.
Blender runs with 128MB by the way, but more RAM is less headache.

What sneakers did you get Grayson?

Uh if you laptop didn’t come with much ram it proably doesn’t have much in the way of a graphics card either.

True, it’s a worthwile investment. When i had 256 mb of ram i couldn’t open more then 3 programs at a time. Adobe photoshop took like 10 min. to open and illustrator took about 20. I mean if you don’t need it for anything other then emulators then you’re set, but don’t expect it to run sf4.