Whose the best char to start up with?

which one’s the best to start with to learn the game basics?

Probably Ken, honestly. He’s got great links, cancels, etcetera, and a low learning curve.

I usually tell people to just pick a character they like or feel comfortable with, and just learn to play the game through that. There’s a lot of very intricate stuff that you just kind of pick up through learning your character well, and there’s no shame in switching up once you’ve felt the game out. Just don’t get too lazy and content with ‘Easy-Mode’ characters like Ken and Chun, you’ll lose out on a lot of stuff you can only learn by getting your ass beat as another char.

N - And lord knows the world needs more Kenscrubs.

I think you should pick ken too. He isnt AS easy as Chun-Li, you still have to work a little bit, but yeah, he will def teach you the basics of the game.

Also, if you LIKE the way Ken plays, id check out dudley. He is still somewhat of a shoto and has the same sort of combos but he is a lot more fun than Ken… and… he can still win!

With Ken you get more time to practice, since he’s strong and therefore should win more. And it helps to learn the up close footsies and parry game first before moving to other characters, it also helps your overall game since you have experience with playing Ken, since there are so many Ken players out there.

thanx ken it is for now , yeah i tried chun and it’s cheap ken is harder anyways 3S is harder to learn than any other SF game ive played y didn’t know you couldn’t let go of blocking to ger read to punish and wakeup timings is wierd for every char(yes i’ve never played 3S before) still thats why i’m loving this game more than any other cuz it’s more deep n not scrub friendly :karate:

I just started playing 3s within the last week, and have picked up Elena. She’s a blast to play. I’m all over her b. RK and overheads. Now if only I could consistently kara throw…

This is definitely one of the best fighting games I’ve played in a long time. I can’t believe I overlooked this for so long (I painfully admit to being a Soul Calibur scrub).

OK. I just felt like sharing. Can I have a cookie? :lol:

The thing with Chun-li, you have to know the game really well to be a really good Chun-Li. I wouldn’t try to pick her up if you are just starting up. Ken is simple and easy to pick up, until you start kara shoryukens.