Whose The Easiest Characters In KOF XII?


going off the arcade version whose the easiest chars to pick up and play in KOF XII?
i already got down Daimon And Raiden For My Team and so i just need 1 more character someone who isn’t too hard to use


Don’t do this to yourself. Play the game and figure out who feels good to you, don’t ask people online who you should play.


Well Iam not asking them to pick someone for me
i just want to know is all


Good thread idea! I’m glad you made your own thread rather than posting in the giant KoF XII thread!



Look at that guys av ^. You want to play as that guy.


Just play who you think looks appealing to you and not who is easiest to play… seriously


game doesn’t have any button chars anymore sadly


Yeah. That will make the character unique to you. Like King for me in terms of KOF. She’s not in 12 though. But thats how I got her as my main. Other than that its Terry. He reminds me of Duo from Gundam Wing.

Terry is pretty easy to use though. He has a lot of attacks with simple commands that are often useful.


King was easily one of my favorites coming from SF. High/low projectiles, good pokes, and she’s just a sexy little fox. Her specials were fun as hell to do as well.

Terry fits the bill for my personal style, and so did Kensou. He’s VERY different in this game, but I’m giving him a shot.

Robert feels like he’s going to be King without projectiles in this game. So I’m picking him up. :slight_smile:

Point of my post? I play what feels good to me. They are “easy” to me. There’s no such thing as an “easy” charachter to play. What is the criteria to “easy”? The moveset? They’re all pretty much the same Street Fighter fare, quarter circles, half circles, etc. So if not the moves, what exactly is it that makes a character simple?

Projectiles? A bunch of them have them. DP like rising abilities with invincibility? A whole slew of them have that. Athena, Ryo, Kyo, Iori… I mean honestly.

Pick a character, find something your style, where your style translates into= “easy for YOU to understand.”


^A fellow King lover I see :tup:


I seriously thought King was a shoe-in to be in XII. Instead, we got her 94 replacement, Raiden. And with Mature in a suit, it even less likely we’ll see King any time soon.


I picked up King in CvS2. Not really a good time to pick her since she was so low tier, but I enjoyed her basics. I played her casually in 94 and a few other games. I’m a bit let down she’s not in this game.

I’m going to try and pick up Athena in XII. I never really tried to main her before, so I’m looking forward to the challenge.

I’ve messed around with the Fatal Fury team a bit in the arcade. I had a blast with all of them, but Joe’s a beast.

Anyway, I think you should take everyones advice and just pick up characters that appeal to you. A lot of people are coming into this game fresh. I’ve never played more than just casually here and there. It’s a perfect time to pick up some random characters.


It’s quite disappointing, you think they would have picked the roster wisely. They wanted original characters and King is an original, from the original Art of Fighting. But I’m sure something good will happen. I’m not really sure if they will include her or not cause I’m not sure if she’s a real popular character. And with Terry’s moves edited, its like starting over I hear.


Shen Woo, given you already are using Daimon and Raiden, you seem to like power characters, Shen Woo is power with some quickness added to him and none of his moves are so difficult that you shouldn’t pick up how to win with him quickly.

And Ryo might also be an option.


actually Shen Woo takes a lot of skill to use right. His range is very limited and those moves don’t catch people offer guard like Joe’s Tiger Kick and people have to time the delay to make that special punch travel farther.

Ryo also takes more skill to use than Robert. people really gotta mix it up to catch people and even break their defenses while not eating a counter attack. Robert has an effective and fast special that comes from the air, a full range fireball, and a special he can fake people into making a mistake. zoning with Robert is much easier.


Joe, Raiden, Robert are easy as hell. Play them.

Raiden is extremely easy to pick up and play. Easiest I found by far.
Joe as well. He is really basic and strong.
Robert… has an easy combo into super, fireball, good uppercut, strong normals.


My buddy directed to your post because of this statement, because you said Robert is like King without the projectiles, but Robert does have two projectile moves. But I get what you’re saying, because in XI King had that high and low projectile game going on (Which NGBC Robert also had has well). So yeah… whatever. :stuck_out_tongue:

Kyokugen rules!


I rarely post on here, but have you seriously played this game yet? I mean coming from a guy who supposedly doesn’t own a camera and all…If you haven’t played it and are basing your opinions off of videos, then please refrain from speaking thanks…

You’re real annoying.


I base my opinion on past experiences with Shen Woo and others and what I’ve seen from the videos, one can’t learn everything about a game just watching it, but you can still pick up some things. I doubt Shen Woo is any easier to use than he was before. He doesn’t have a wide spectrum of advantages like Terry or Joe, that doesn’t mean he can’t win, it simply means it takes more effort and knowledge of his strengths and weaknesses to overcome the opponents that have more convenient movesets and priorities.

That’s why I feel characters like Shen Woo have a steeper learning curve to use effectively and win with.

That’s just my opinion, if you have a problem with it then too bad. :rofl:


I just think your opinion doesn’t provide validity. For someone who hasn’t really dived into the game can’t really provide solid details about a game just based on things you’ve watched. They can be used as somewhat of a reference, but without some hands on experience of the game itself it’s hard to really judge.

It’s like me watching a video on Chin and saying “oh man, I can pull that combo off easily!” or like watching somebody skateboard pulling off a kickflip and saying “oh I can pull that off”. But then when you actually try to do it, it’s a lot harder than it really is.

So with that said, it’s difficult to really say who’s hard and who isn’t unless you’ve actually picked up the game and tried it out.