Whose Top Tier?!


I have a strong hunch it’s Kirby since he can eat ***anything!***:amazed:

and kingdedede since he can do the same :smokin:

damn I forget about King 3D and I use him lol!

plus he’s got a hammer!


Yeah dedede totally spanked bowser in the story, shit was hillarious. He kicked bowsers ass, brought him back to life, then punched him in the nose to make him shut up. Plus if it wasn’t for dedede, everyone would have died. Remember the dedede badges that brought everyone back to life? D3 SAVED THE STORY!

Apparently this is a spoiler


Tabuu is bloody broken tier. He controls every single bad guy, kicks everybody’s ass all by himself with one attack, and loses only because he’s an idiot that just stands around doing nothing from time to time, and he gets ganged up 1 against 32/5. He also has Gill’s fucking Seraphic Wing.

IBTL anyway.

What the $*#@!!!

mark the spoilers guys!

I’m only 4% done with the story mode! :mad:


Man, in SSE, Kirby messes everyone the fuck up. [media=youtube]9dOcSftnxPk[/media]

Ganondorf is like “SHOOT THE BITCHES!”

And Kirby’s like “GET THAT SHIT OUT!”