Whose voices do you hear in your head when you read comic book characters?

Hmm, wasn’t sure exactly how to word the thread title. :sweat:

Anyway I’ve always been interested in whose voices people hear in their heads when they read comic books. I find it interesting how we all play casting directors in out little heads. I know one girl who doesn’t do this at all, not even when she reads books. So feel free to talk about this whether you do or don’t. Not sure if this thread will recieve a single post or who cares but oh well. :blush:

With DC comics I use pretty much every voice that has appeared on the The Batman TAS, Superman TAS, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited and Teen Titans. They really did an excellent job casting voices. Kevin Conroy IS Batman and Mark Hamill IS the Joker.

Oh and if there’s every a narrator in a DC comic and I have no idea what the writer’s voice sounds like I use that corny voice of the Super Friends Narrator. “MEANWHILE, AT THE HALL OF JUSTICE!” I love that guy. :rofl:

For Marvel it’s much more of a mix of just about everything. And when I don’t know the writer’s voice, Stan Lee’s voice becomes the narrator. Hey he even was the narrator in comics he wrote in the old days too - but yeah he narrated the 80s Spidey and Hulk cartoons.

X-Men I use all of the voices from the 90s cartoon except for Fabian Cortez, man that voice sucks IMHO. When I first read Fabian Cortez in X-Men he looked like Don Johnson of Miami Vice to me (he did a voice in the G.I.Joe cartoon too) so that voice stuck.

In the very short ‘Pride of the X-Men’ cartoon Cyclops had Duke’s voice from G.I. Joe, so I use that voice for his brother Havok since it’s way too hard for me to remember his voice in the X-Men 90s cartoon.

Iceman and Firestar get their Amazing Friends voices of course. :smile:

For Spider-Man I always use his voice from Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends voice since that’s the one I grew up on. It’s amazing how similar his voice in the 90s cartoons is to that voice so sometimes they intermingle in my head. I think the Amazing voice was better at delivering jokes though to me. But yeah when Spider-Man and Bumblebee meet in the upcoming Avengers / Transformers crossover I’ll use his 90s voice so they don’t sound the same. :rofl:

Doctor Octopus his Amazing Friends voice stuck with me, it’s the voice of Cobra Commander from G.I.Joe. But lately I’ve been hearing Alfred Molina’s voice since he did a really great job in Spider-Man 2. For some reason I’ve always used Cobra Commander’s voice for all of the Zemos and for Kang I’m not really sure why though, must be the hood and the mask thing ha ha!

Never liked Eddie Brock’s 90s voice, in the cartoon Eddie Brock was too much like a goofball and in the comics he’s written seriously. For Eddie I just imagine a very dark voice. The Venom voice they use sounds great so I use that.

Flash Thompson retains his Amazing Friends voice. Mary Jane’s voice in the cartoon is just too generic for me to recall so I use Kirsten Dunst’s voice. Not that she’s the perfect MJ but her voice is easier for me to recall. For the same reason Daredevil gets Ben Affleck’s voice, Elektra gets her movie voice, Blade is Snipes, Jane is Punisher, all easy voices for me to remember. Black Cat’s cartoon voice I can remember good because of the 90s Spider-Man Activision game lol!

For Hulk I imagine a mix of voices from the 80s and 90s cartoons. For Fantastic Four it’s straight up voices from the 90s series and Iron Man too.

I guess that’s it for now. Discuss! :smile:

DC comics = DCAU voices with creativity assist(at times)

Marvel comics = Marvel cartoon voices with creativity assist(at times)

If you don’t use Kevin Conroy as your Batman voice, then there is something wrong with you. EVERYONE must hear that voice in their head.

Yup. Kevin Conroy IS Batman. Mark Hamill IS the Joker. I don’t care what kind of Brokeback actor you get to play him for the movie, NO ONE is the Joker other than Luke Skywalker. Although I’ll make an exception for Cesar Romero if I’m reading an old school Silver or Golden Age comic. Come to think of it, chum, reading those old school comics makes me hear Adam West and Burt Ward, too.

Pretty much every DC character gets the voice they had from the cartoons. It was obviously the best-casted show in the history of Terran civilization. Except for maybe Tim Drake-- I might make up an imaginary voice for him, or an older-sounding version of the the Batman Animated Series voice (the cartoon voice was fine, but my mind has trouble reconciling the kiddie voice with the older teen in the comic). Even comic book Starfire gets her cartoon voice, though. It makes reading my old Teen Titans comics a pretty funny experience.

But I started reading Morrison’s Doom Patrol recently and I’m having a hard time imagining Negative Man’s voice. He had a good voice in the Teen Titans cartoon, but in the comic, Negative Man is a male/female/energy being hybrid so I have no idea what such a being is supposed to sound like. Basically, Grant Morrison breaks my mind. Although I kind of imagine Professor X (from the Evolution cartoon) as Niles Caulder.

When it comes to Marvel, it’s hard to say. I flip flop between various voice actors and live actors. The only real consistency I have is for Tony Stark. He is ALWAYS Jonathan Frakes (Riker from Star Trek: TNG and Xanatos from Gargoyles). I don’t know why, but ever since watching Gargoyles, I’ve associated Xanatos with Tony Stark. Robert Downey, Jr. got nothin’ on Frakes, baby.

Wow that’s a really good one and fits perfectly. :smile:

Tim Drake and any plus all Robins get Scott Menville’s voice of the TT cartoon. He’s done older variants of the voice when Nightwing showed up and with Red X too so sometimes my mind will mix it up a bit. As a matter of fact, Red X’s voice is the one I use for Jason Todd nowadays since he’s the anti-Robin.

Nightwing / Dick Grayson I usually go with his DCAU voice but that voice to me is not that different from Casey Kasem’s on Superfriends who did Shaggy of Scooby Doo so sometimes I’ll switch back and forth. It’s hella funny that Scott Menville is doing Shaggy’s voice on Shaggy Scooby Doo Get a Clue since he and Casey both did Robin. :rofl:

Man I really got a kick out of how much Winter Soldier’s voice sounded like Robin’s voice in Marvel Ultimate Alliance, that was just great since Bucky/Robin are a lot alike. The voice they used for Deadpool was really close to how I’ve always imagined him sounding, only my version talks a lot faster for some reason. The casting for MUA was very spot on for the most part.

Dr. Strange I always give Vincent Price’s voice. RIP.

Oh yeah, in the recent Nightwing Annual they had a flashback when he was younger as Robin and Batman called Robin “Chum.” Adam West’s voice totally came out in my head. Ack it’s way too hard for me to imagine Kevin Conroy’s Batman voice saying “Chum,” his Bruce Wayne yeah but not his Batman. :rofl:

Yeah prior to DCAU Batman for me was Adam West and Superman was Christopher Reeve, RIP. Now it’s Conroy and Tim Daly. The actor who took Tim’s place on Superman for JL/JLU was really good but Tim’s voice is easier to remember thanks to all those episodes of Wings I watched. That’s the same reason why I switched over to Sandman’s movie voice, Wings in syndication is just too good. :smile:

“He flipped it over.”


Bantam likes randomly saying those two lines in Conroy’s Batman voice.


and that one in Hamill’s Joker voice.

So, I don’t have to read comics, my life is a comic book.

goes back to Pluto

Winter Soldier in MUA was Crispin Freeman, and I end up tying his voice to Nightwing.

Batman is always Kevin Conroy and Joker always Mark Hammil (even though I’ve been watching alot of The Batman lately and I think that “young” Batman voice is okay). R’as is the Batmam Begins R’as (Liam Neesan). I use the DCAU voices for Superman and Wonder Woman, as well as Aquaman. Same for Flash; I hear Michael Rosenbaum and nobody else.

I was reading Tower of Babel again a few days ago, and I struggled to find a good fit for Plastic Man. I eventually settled on that anime VA who played Brock on Pokemon and Gourry on Slayers.

Ever since hearing that David Boraneuz (I KNOW I spelt that wrong; the guy who played Angel) is going to do Hal Jordon in that JL animated movie later this year, I’ve been associating him with Comic Hal.

On the Marvel side of things, Spidey gets his FOX Kids cartoon voice. Actually, all the X-Men get their cartoon voices too. I used to be a big fan of X-Man (Nate Grey) but, for the life of me, I could never apply any one consistent voice to him. Just sounding it out in my head right now this second makes him sound like Tommy the Green Ranger. :rofl:

Iron Man gets his voice from the Ultimate Avengers/Ultimate Iron Man movies (even though the latter sucked and the former was okay at best). Same with Cap.

Despite the fact that the new F4 cartoon sucks, I like the voice actor picks and apply them to the comics.


Just to hear that “Joker’s got a bomb!” line while in the shower would be hilarious. Tell Bantam I said ‘hi’.


Will do! :tup:


Man it’s way too hard to conjure up Hal’s DCAU voice, he was on JLU very briefly. Years of watching Buffy and Angel come into play. David is a really good pick for Hal.

Well like everyone I hear Kevin Conroy in my head when I read a Batman story. Same goes for Hamill as Joker. Hamill is the voice I use for Hobgoblin as well.

Superman = Tim Daly, Clancy Brown is Lex Luthor
Iron man is Robert Hays same goes for Neal McDonough as Bruce Banner.
For the X men the cast from the nineties cartoon fits perfectly for me especially Wolverine, Cyclops, Beast and Jean Grey(Jill Valentine). Except Storm and Gambit which I just hear “ahh, ahh” and mon ami. Apocaplyse had the perfect voice actor imo.

DC…their DCAU VA.
Marvel…90’s VA.

Some misc ones, Hal Jordan (Paul Newman).

Yeah, I have all the cartoon VAs in my head. Though, in retrospect, most of them were actually pretty damn good (except for Scarlet Witch in the Iron Man cartoon).

Though I kinda have my own made-up voices in my head for Cable, Deadpool, and all the other characters who didn’t appear in the cartoons/I forgot what they sounded like.

Speaking of comic book cartoons I found this: http://tv.ign.com/articles/798/798709p3.html

Dave does match Hal quite well… though I don’t think he could be a live action Hal Jordon. :rofl:

Come to think of it, I can’t think of a good live action Hal. :xeye:

That X-Men is higher in the list than JLU is blasphemy, because JLU beats the tar out of X-Men any day of the damn week.

You can’t spell ‘ignorant’ without ‘IGN’. But yeah, that’s pretty stupid considering Xmen was a good cartoon in the beginning and turned to shit in it’s final seasons. Good job, IGN. You guys further prove as to why I hate you and never type your URL into my browser.


Doctor Manhattan: Gill’s voice in Street Fighter III: Third Strike. Except, you know, less emotional.

Rorschach: Scott McNeil’s Piccolo voice. Except, you know, less emotional.

Nite Owl II: The dude who played Otacon in Metal Gear Solid. Except, you know, less of a pussy.

Nite Owl I: Bud Collyer. If you don’t know who this is and you’re still posting in the comic book forum, you’re probably a douchebag.

Silk Spectre II: A very cranky Diane Keaton.

Silk Spectre I: Ellen Burstyn from Requiem For A Dream.

Ozymandias: Peter Kelamis, doing his “Taurus” voice (I refuse to dignify FUNimation’s bizarre romanization of this character’s name).

Hooded Justice: Kevin Conroy, with an Eastern-European accent that didn’t kick in until I got to the part that explains his possible connection to Rolf Muller.

Captain Metropolis: Tom Hulce. Mostly the scenes in Amadeus when he’s complaining about the obnoxious music critics.

Silhouette: Elvira.

The Comedian: Mickey Rourke, for reasons that I believe are fairly obvious. His voice cleans up a little bit in the flashback sequences.

President Nixon: I can’t help but read his character in the “T.V. Funhouse” Nixon voice. It makes any sequence he appears in unintentionally comical.

I can’t say any definite voices come to mind for Mothman or Dollar Bill. Sub in any generic drunk dude and any generic gung-ho golly gee superhero, respectively.

For me:

Deadpool = Jim Carrey recovering from laryngitis.

Wolverine= Hugh Jackman.

Spider-man = his 90’s voice.

Ultimate Nick Fury= Sam jackson.

Hulk (the professor)= His MvC2 voice :lol: