Whose voices do you hear in your head when you read comic book characters?

I agree. How is X-Men higher than JL/JLU/Superman/Batman Beyond, the Tick, TMNT (the recent series) and probably a few more cartoons. Well, we could probably start a whole new thread bashing IGN’s comics lists. Remember their list of top 30 Batman comics? Laughable. Who writes this shit? We should just get together and make our own lists.

Fixed. Because we would get paid to make sense with little to no effort.

That Batman wasn’t THAT bad. Mind you several of those submissions shouldn’t be on there, but I think they played it relatevely safe.

Anyway what was I saying?

Batman is Kevin Conway

Joker is Mark Hamil


Spidey is the 90s cartoon voice

Professor X is from the X-men arcade

Wolvie is from random quips from XvsSF(wasn’t the same VA from the cartoon?)

Storm is Whitney Houston

and Blade is Shaft

Yes, and I think there are other VA’s for the X-Men characters from the FOX X-Men cartoon.