Wht to do when opp is jumping out for karakusa?

dash in back roundhouse, jumping mk cross up,jab, low back roundhouse, etc. when ever u think the opp is jump out for karakusa roundhouse them and dash in for to low fierce or karakusa or anything u can think of.

Dashing in and grabbing is one of Makoto’s more aggressive options for getting in. If someone like Chun or Ken is trying to zone you which all players want to do to Makoto, standing right outside their cr. MK distance and sweeping can score a knockdown and get you in. Sweep has enough priority if done before their moves to beat their counter poke a lot of the time. Hitting these cr. moves with UOH also works sometimes.

Mixing up not being aggressive, however, can often be very advantageous as your opponent will try to close the distance with you allowing you to bait a whiff or what not than dash in for a throw or Hayate to get in. If they are standing far away you can punish some bar building moves like bHP with Chun or cr. MP with hayate if timed well, cr. MP is harder but still doable. Kinda have to buffer in expectation and once you actually see the move press punch.

Meeting character in the air than parrying their attack than doing a j. RH than dash up before they land or j. LK dash under them for a crossup attack is also another option to get in for a 50/50. Just attacking can work also.

Watch vids and look is the best way to figure this out though.

i mash

usually works out for some reason

dashing a lot is actually pretty dangerous

if people catch onto your j.mk,lp,choke setup, make sure to throw in some anti-jump options after the j.mk or jab

it’s hard to say what not to do

because most things that can win a round for you can also lose a round for you depending on the temperature and atmospheric pressure at the time =/

i suggest the stickied thread here! once you have that stuff down, it’s just a matter of getting comfortable with all of makoto’s abilities and learning to improvise a little :x

all it takes is a little magic.

you should know what the other guy is gonna do and then do the most damaging option against them

Killer advice. You SHOULD know, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to, especially in tournaments where you’re not used to everyone you’re playing against. You should know basic strategies of all the different characters, and expect certain sets ups with them and how to avoid/punish them.

There’s so much I could say in this topic, but I don’t know if it matters at all because of how people approach the game differently. So, I’m gonna keep it brief. Try to give yourself as many options as possible when attacking. Don’t allow yourself to abuse a single mixup option or a single method of approach, even if it works. The reason is that you’ll end up setting yourself in a pattern that will be very hard to break. Even when you conciously know you’ve got other options, you tend to go for the “good old 1-2” because that’s what you’re used to now. Almost every one of your tactics counters more than one of your opponent’s tactics as long as you’re looking for it.

Do whatever you want with Makoto. Just make sure that you guess right and never play defensive.

just dash and do twards fierce

on a side note, aren’t Makoto players sarcastic as shit? or is that just me?


It’s just you.