Why 8 buttons?

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quick n00b question - why do the SE, TE and the HRAP have 8 buttons? Is there any game that actually uses 8 (without using the extra 2 as macros)?

SNK fighters use 4 which is the only reason I can see that you would have 8 (just use the 4 on the top row).

Inner 6, Japanese curved layout.

Outer 6, American arcade layout.

Not on the HRAP

its for if you want the button layout to be American style with the buttons lined up or japanese setup which is the curved style

edit oops it was already posted hehe

Increased compatibility with the system and it’s games is another reason. I know you need all 8 buttons to be able to navigate all the menus in SFIV.

Really? I wasn’t aware of this. :wasted:

Does that mean that 6 buttons is no longer ideal for a custom Street Fighter stick, or is the difference insignificant that you can still get away with using only 6?

No you don’t, I don’t have 8 buttons on my 360 stick and I can get around everything fine.

Simply because home gaming consoles have a total of 8 action buttons.

Thinking anything past that would be over doing it.

are you sure?!

You need the triggers and bumpers to look through the art gallery. I think the triggers zoom in and out and the bumpers flip the pages. I believe the triggers zoom in/out and the bumpers flip the pages.

Not a huge deal but you never know what the future holds.

I don’t think 8 buttons is not for navigate lol

Take a look to the namco stick, 6 buttons on the pannel, 2 near start and select.

I think 8 buttons panel on HRAP are for those who want a “neogeo” 4 buttons style.

And so, with 8 buttons you have the choice of fill with holeplug or not.

With a 6 buttons panel, you don’t have this choice.:wonder:

I want Capcom vs SNK 3!!!

If I want to play Boom Boom Rocket on my current 6-button stick, I can’t activate the bonus run since I need to press the two triggers, which aren’t hooked up . Once my TE stick arrives, I’ll finally be able to play Boom Boom Rocket on stick! I’m not sure Mad Catz had this in mind when they were designing it, but it makes me happy.

Just a random though on the fightstick button placement:

I figured the layout would be like this: (using 360’s buttons)


lb/rb being the shoulder buttons, and lt/rt being the triggers.

That way when you plug the pad into any SF game the default layout is:


But instead the layout is:


Which makes the default layout:


Why the fuck would anyone ever line things up that way?

When I open my stick I am seriously considering just switching the quick disconnects in the button to make them work in a more standard fashion

with every button available from the gamepads, every game will be compatible with the joystick. Some people might wanna use the joystick for games other than fighters which utilize all 8 buttons?

mechajesus - Default controls has RB = Fierce, and RT = Roundhouse, which is why the stick layout is like that.

Some people like playing 6 buttons in, some like playing 6 buttons out.

All there is to it.

For Arcsys style near perfect trainingsmodes.


That’s… incredibly annoying. That would be incredibly annoying even on a controller.

I think some people forgot to mention that with 8 buttons you can make any config you want for whatever type of game. You can do four on top, or bottom for Neo-Geo style. Three on top, two spaced on bottom for Guilty Gear. Two different 3 over 3 for Capcom style. Two over two for Tekken. 2 over 1 for Virtua Fighter. And if the game allows it, you can button plug unused holes for a real arcade feel, although with some of the layouts I’m not sure you could navigate the menus by plugging some of them.

I’m pretty sure the simplest explanation is though, that they want the user to have access to all the buttons that would be on the pad, in case whatever game they are playing doesn’t support reconfiguration. And yes, there are still some games that don’t let you do custom button configurations. Anyone else tried playing Neo Contra on a stick?