Why AAA companies doesn't hire Anime Studios to do HD Sprites?


A lot of animation looks silly if you only look at certain frames. In motion you don’t really notice or see most defects.


Can you tell me why certain projectile effects (fire and the like) in KoF 13 still have thick ugly black outlines on them? Did they not take these out during the process? It reminds me of gunk leftover when trying to make an image transparent.



Not in KOF XIII. ArcSys’s stuff looks sloppy in almost every single frame. Tracing from 3D didn’t help them much.


It’s by design. They do that to give it a look more reminiscent of SNK games. A LOT of SNK games have fire and explosions that look like that, especially Metal Slug. I personally find it to be very warm and nostalgic.


^ Gotta agree with this; I can’t think of any other reason except that it is intentional.


These animes are usually low quality animations and lots of them if you pause you’ll see how ugly they are.
And about 3d looking better than 2D is freaking nuts Darkstalkers games have a much better look than SSFIV by a lot and they age better than 3D.
KofXIII sprites are gorgeous


Vampire says other wise.


Nobody, noticed this frame of animation.
Or the mole that pops up Buletta on her 6MK.


Sometimes pausing isn’t even necessary:



hd sprites are overrated. just one look at sf2t hd remix and you’ll know this. just improve the animation by adding more frames. thats it.


But the majority of your sales are going to be in the beginning and if you release modern 3D (for your time) most people are going to believe the 3D looks better assuming your ability to write shaders and coordinate level / character design isn’t shit. But those same risks are associated with 2D and 2D is typically used to plan layouts and whatnot for 3D. Not to mention any rerelease you probably have a super hi-def ZBrush model you derived the game model from that is so hi-def it could be used in movies (though it might have to be rerigged).

Personally i think certain characters like Mai don’t look very good in KOF XIII a bit pixelly but the majority look beautiful. I think it looks better than Skullgirls. Skullgirls is cleaner but I think KOF XIII went for a more stylized look on purpose and those background !


So they are overrated because a studio of non-animators did an awful job with a game that originally had very few frames of animation?


Hmm, anime shows themselves aren’t particularly known for great animation. The epic movies such as Akira and STudio Ghibli films are another thing. I personally didn’t find SkullGirls visually appealing once I got to play it myself, is very herky jerky. King of fighters XIII is hands down the best looking 2d fighter out there, SNK really deserved that spot after all the years put into their efforts. Darkstalkers has great animation but the game moves so fast you can never really appreciate it. Street fighter 3 is still king.


no, the game didnt need hd sprites in the first place. it actually looked worse with the hd sprites and secondly Udon arent even good artists.


So what you meant to say was “UDON are overrated”. Of course ST didn’t NEED high resolution sprites, it’s an old game and wasn’t designed around being redrawn in a higher resolution 15 years after release. I’m completely with you on HDR looking like shit, but that doesn’t mean that the idea of high-resolution 2D sprites is somehow without merit.

As for the opaque effects in KOF13, it’s definitely intentional. Making them translucent is literally as easy as flipping a switch, and as mentioned plenty of the effects are. Personally I’m guessing they chose to keep fire effects opaque so they could have dark smoke. Using additive blending (the method primarly used to create translucent effects in games like KOF13, CVS2, GG, et al) dark colours become transparent while bright colours become opaque, so it’s impossible to do decent effects with dark colours - dark smoke, for instance. It’s certainly possible using other methods (alpha blending, layered sprites with different degrees of translucency, etc), but it would be more resource heavy.


not really
street fighter 4 is a stylized game, its gonna age a well
unlike tekken or virtua fighter, you ever play old tekken it looks like ass.
you ever play something like legend of zelda winwaker now, its looks fantastic, because its cartoony and stylzed


The problem isn’t they made HD sprites for it, it’s that they gave the work to lousy artists and non-animators. They didn’t add in-betweens and instead of fixing the anatomy mistakes they added even more, so everything ended up being a mess. But, imagine if instead of Udon someone competent made the sprites.


And that should settle the topic. Most anime artists don’t know jack shit of anatomy.


most of them usually live with their parents and their anime collections, drawing deformed anime suited to their own taste. they are satisfied with low pay by studios. also very unlikely for them to have seen a real girl…


Looks like you’re seriously confusing people who make animation in their free time and people who do it for a living…

There are lots of people who animate for a living, working for Korean studios. The quality and consistency of the animation is directly proportional to the amount of money being put into a project. Also, US and Japanese cartoons have been for the most part animated and outsourced to Korea since the 90s.

I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about with the living with parents thing. Not everyone who animates is some kind of closeted loser, and if you work for a studio, you draw what THEY tell you to.


there werent any anatomy mistakes to fix in the original ST. i dont get what you mean by “inbetweens” are you talking about the animation?
even if someone competent remade the sprites it wouldnt look better than the original, but would look far better than the mess udon made.

like i said earlier, its the animation that matters not the sprites.