Why AE2012 delayed wakeup still isn't that famous


Only on soft KD, but still I could see the usefullness of this against Cammy for example.
So why, this isn’t documented, argued more as a true tool against those soft KD offensive chars ?
A weakness I haven’t seen in this tech ?

Here is a video I made to showcase the situation. I’m not that good because I just started to try this an hour ago.
Search for the “technical” wake up I did against the meaty cr.MK xx fireball. Usually connect, but if delayed… whiffs.


It is known and used by the best players.

Mid 2010 I “discovered” autocorrect DP. During AE, heard about focus tech. Mid 2012 jab tech became “the thing”. All this stuff is major and was hardly ever talked about/discussed. I feel it’s the same with delayed wake up, coupled with the fact that it’s also tricky in that you can’t visually tell the difference so it goes over most commentators (I think only Zhi and Xian might ever talk about that during a cast) and it’s easy to dismiss it as screwed up meaty timing.

But if you watch japanese players vs cammy, specially daigo and tokido, you can notice them using this vs particular setups.


Makes meaty os ultra on soft KD a no go…


Yeah it’s a teaser of how annoying DWU is gonna be.


i dont know about all the exact cammy setups but i use it all the time against her, she cant cross up after a whiffed CS ( she land too far ), if she CS again it will land in front no matter what even if it look like a cross up


I thought you only had to not quick rise at all to avoid most cross up CS.
If you delay wu, why not punish directly the whiffed meaty ? Instead of just let her miss the second attack timing ?


yes you can punish the whiffed meaty, but it all depend on wich version of CS (lk,mk,hk) used, you land in different side and distance in each version, with the mk CS, its a fake cross up that i cant punish with srk, srk goes in front and get punished by CS going in crossup ,but you can block it in front WHILE it looks like a crossup

this work with ryu ken gouki oni e.ryu , it might be different on other characters as not all have the same body types as these shotos

not sure why players like Wao dont let DWU goin in and escape the vortex, maybe am missing something


This was known in 2009 already. Maybe in 2008 in Japan. They already used it in some matchups.

In this vid at 1m14s you can see Ken delaying his QR wakeup to avoid the safe jump (not that it would work against his 3f DP anyway…).


I know it’s not “new tech”, the thing was, why it’s never discussed around like it should like any other wake up option when talking about match ups.


It’s not discussed probably because it’s difficult to do consistently since there is no real indicator for when you are approaching that 5F period of time you can delay the QR and you can’t know for sure if you even do it right since it’s impossible to actually see the difference unless you got the delay at the longest possible you’d have a hard time noticing if you got it or not even by feel. It is certainly worth attempting though, especially vs Cammy.


Well, that doesn’t make sens this way. The risk/reward is always in your favor, if you miss time you either wake up like you should and your block will work as usual, or late and you also know what to expect. If you time it right, the situation is the same but with a whiffed attack on top of the cake.
What’s the drawback that could make the attempt not worth it ?

I think I got your point wrong the first time. We agree it’s kind of always worth a try right ? (in specific matchups and situations)
The “not knowing if it worked” doesn’t matter much because it usually mean escaping left right ambiguous meaty cross ups and no risk but (not checked yet) could lead to surprising landing side, and ambiguous block direction for the landing pressure following it.

At least for me it’s the conclusion.


Against divekick characters, delaying a soft knockdown tech can cause the opponent’s divekick to cross and give him more frame advantage, without giving you any benefit.

It’s also basically impossible to do consistently because you’re just eyeballing it. It’s not like a combo, where the timing of the button presses never changes.