Why all the CFE hate?

Now, before you give me negative rep points for putting a CFE related thread here, the reason I don’t put this in the CFE subforum in the Strategy Zone, is because the purpose of this thread has nothing to do with sharing strategies/combos/tier lists/etc.

I just want to know, why the hell does everyone hate CFE? Sure, it’s not 3rd Strike, but it’s still a good game. It may not have the best graphics, but that’s not the most important factor in a video game. It only has about 23 characters, but at least it isn’t broken, neither are any of the characters. It’s balanced, has 6 different super systems, and Rival Schools-esque 2-on-2, and that’s why I like it. However, there are more haters than fans, I just want to know why. Please try to be civilized with this thread, I don’t want it full of “omfg u r a sux and teh gmae is sux 2 gtfo n00b” Actually give me a legitimate, detailed opinion on why you don’t like the game. You heard why I like the game, so I’d like to hear why those who dislike it, dislike it. Or, if you do like it, tell me why.

To be honest I don’t hate it, but I definetely don’t like it either.

The game isn’t that bad, I mean yeah no broken shit whatever, it’s playable. But the thing is when I play it, it feels really boring, nothing really new, feels like CvS2 except the characters from their own series and not revised. So simply put, I don’t hate it, but won’t touch it either, it’s pretty damn boring. And the whole 2v2 thing is just bs, I rarely see people switch after first round.

Because we’ve all seen Capcom do better. Balance issues aside, the previous vs. games were a lot more fun and looked a hell of a lot better, and the last one was made back in what, 2001? If Capcom wants more of my money for a new fighting game, it needs to look better and play better than the old ones.

CFE is boring…very boring…I like it JUST because Karin is in the game…seriously…thats like it…and shes beefed up…but its rather boring and uninspired.

SNK learned from Capcom and did a MUCH BETTER JOB with their version of SNK All Stars-NEOGEO BATTLE COLISEUM.

I can relate to that. Although my CvS2 team consists usually of characters that aren’t in this game (actually I hardly even play CvS2 anymore), I can understand what you mean. Good new material > any rehash, be it good or bad. Really the reason I play it is because I can hone my experience with a character from a particular series I’m good at, against an opponent who plays a character who (s)he’s had experience with. That’s what fun I find in the game, although even I wish they could’ve added a little more new content. BTW, I usually switch after the first round. But that’s just me.

i just hate cause its still 29.99 at my store. i’d pick it up for collection when it becomes cheaper.

Shit I’ll sell u mine for $1…:rofl:

It pissed me off. here’s way:
*only 4 characters from each of the 5 games + pyron, shin akuma and ingrid. It should’ve been twice that amount.
*Darkstalkers3 but no Morrigan or Talbain.
*SF2 but no Blanka or Sagat.
*SF3 doesn’t play the way it’s supposed too. Some combos dont work anymore + It doesn’t feel the same when you have all super arts at your disposal and some have a different command to achive this.
*It doesn’t even have some where to view the character endings which were actually kinda cool.

other than that graphic aren’t a problem since every other fighting game that capcom has out there(not counting SF3’s) looks like it and it is playable.

i’d take a ps2 version. :pleased:

Like has been said, it’s just boring…just really, really dull. When I play 3rd strike and something cool happens I’m like Woah! :sweat: But with CFJ it’s just like Uhh…:sad: You know what I mean? I mean like…the game would have probably been better in black and white.

Because it offers nothing interesting, exciting, or rewarding beyond games we already don’t play (A2,HF, hell CvS1), so lets not even compare it to the current games.

3rd strike shows that if your not going to make a great technical fighter, at least make it fun. CFJ does neither.

It’s not important, but at least if CFJ had that it could say it had one good thing at least.

The only reason that is true is because the game didn’t get popular enough for people to learn what was broken about it. There were things in the works, but no use finishing them if theres no money to take.

Balance was addressed above.

CvS2 has 6 super systems, CFE has 1, the one that comes with your character, which isn’t new for any character, defeating the entire purpose of making the game in the first place.

THe RS 2on2 system is also probably the worst possible way to implement tag fighting, the only team aspect of the game is keeping meter between rounds, otherwise there’s little difference between CFJ and playing 1 round matches in any other game.

Your reasons are all comprised of: 1) false conclusions about CFJ (balance, super systems), 2) Somehow mentioning a bad thing and calling it good with no explanation (RS 2on2), or 3) just admitting there are things wrong with the game (graphics). So what reasons do you really have?

Someone just recieved a spanking there.

The RS 2on2 system Is not crap IMO, not capcoms best idea yet though thats for sure. I think it was meant for counter-character or anti-counter-character tactics.
You can also pick characters that depend on meter alot and play them on the second round(I think this is what you meant “keeping meter between rounds”).
there’s some posabilities with this team system.

Just adding to my previous post:
*All super bars for SF3 characters used to be different sizes and had 1-3 stocks(according to the super art chosen) in 3rd Strike, now they’re all the same size and they all stock 2.(I have not played SF3 and double impact though, maybe it comes from that)

Mainly due to the fact that there was very little motivation or effort behind the game (brought nothing new to the table), and it was simply patched up & shipped off as a Capcom Fighting All Stars afterthought & alternative.

well knowing capcom a sequel will show up with 50 gajllion characters we don’t give a shit about.

1: I haven’t seen any brokenness in CFE, and I play it a hell of a lot (well, perhaps just a little in Pyron, but he IS a boss, after all). What I meant by the “6 super systems” is that there is one for Ingrid, one for the Darkstalkers, one for the Street Fighter 2 characters, etc. which could lead to some quite interesting mixing and matching of characters.
2: I love the tag switch and here’s why: I am experienced with more than just one character, so I like to spread my skills around, use Yun the first round, and then switch to Jedah, for example.
3: That was so that people wouldn’t mistake me for some kind of CFE fanboy. I acknowledge that the game isn’t perfect in some places, yet still find it enjoyable anyway. Not only that, but extraordinary graphics and a lot of characters alone don’t make a good game, so I was throwing those “reasons to hate CFE” out the window. I’m not “the biggest CFE fan in the world”, but I don’t hate it either, I find it quite fun. As I said, it’s not 3rd Strike, but it’s still fun IMO.

Here’s hoping that Hsien-Ko, Dan, Cody, Necro, regular Akuma, and any Rival Schools character (aside from Kyosuke) are among them. Dan/Hsien-Ko team for the win.

Ever seen a Jedah or Anakaris VS. Zangief fight? Why would I want to fight a character who can dash, air dash, air block, tech, ground recover, etc. with characters who can’t do any of that. Some of which who don’t even have basic tools for dealing with, much less getting around these handicaps. I see the occasional Ryu pull psychic DPs to get wins here and there, and sometimes Guile. For the most part its usually a DS rushdown fest though. :tdown:

I thought the Japanese were already past that.

The latest I saw was some Ryu, Guile, and Leo, but mostly DS. I haven’t seen anything this past month, but for the most part thats what I usually get when I snag matches.