Why all the hate on El Fuerte and Blanka?

Seriously, what’s the reasoning?

El Fuerte

People always say the oki/vortex is what SF4 is built around, yet complain about El Fuerte’s? If you play Akuma, Ibuki, Seth, yeah u really can’t complain. If everything is a ok with those guys how can u complain about Elf? El Fuerte simply takes that 50/50 guessing to the next level but doesn’t have much else unlike the other aforementioned characters.


Tokido says blanka is a scrub. Alright…that doesn’t really explain anything. What is so wrong with one of the original world warriors?

Is there a character out there, who doesn´t get any kind of hate? Just asking,…

Let’s keep these sort of discussions to the tier threads or the character sub-boards.