Why all the KOF2k3 hate?

Just curious why is it 2k3 isnt that popular compared to 2k2? Is it the tag system? DUOLON? (mAYBE) Lack of characters? The looseness of the controls?

Also everyone rate what you think your FAVORITE KOF IS and your LEAST FAVORITE…

Lets see how many pick 2k1 for their worst game… :confused:

Duo Lon is the primary reason.
I enjoy all the KOF’s myself (even 94) since I’ve never been a picky player. I know SvC is a shit game yet I still bought it (PS2 version) because it’s a fighter… which I play now and then when bored. I don’t know many people who take fighters seriously so they’ll have a go at anything.

I actually enjoyed the tag system in 2003 and can see why it’s coming back for XI. My biggest gripe with the game (which is why I’m waiting for the Neowave PS2 release next week) is the lack of my Orochi/Normal team - Yashiro/Shermie/Chris. God damn storyline killed them off in the Orochi Saga!!! I need more dream match KOF’s!

My fav KOF is 2002 (who saw that one coming?) and least is 94. While the old games were good, it was a “for their time” kind of thing. 2001 I admit isn’t that great but it isn’t the worst IMO. Igniz is fucking broken though.

Dude I Want That Avatar…vanessa Is A Goddess!!!

Even without Duolon…this game…feels so cheap. Every tactic when you get hit by it feels like bullshit. The game itself is also extremely shallow, everything was pretty much discovered within a month, and within 2 days with experimentation of your own you’d discover 75% of the game and how to be decent at it. The only exception is some japanese guy figuring out how cheap Iori can be with Duolon, and I think it took them like 6 months to figure that out. Either way, it’s a stupid, stupid and shallow game.

One of the games where a grapple char is finally top.

Tizoc can combo into his command grap & super which leads to fucks load of damage.

2K2 is just to good of a game. Thats all.

I own it, and it’s okay at best. My favorite is probably 98, 99, 2000, 2001 or 2002. Can’t decide.

Hmmm interesting guys…I was just wondering…how do you all thinkk XI will be? I think Vanessa will either suck ass or be broken…(probably the first) because based off 2k2 they msy tone her down, ore she could get the Iori treatment (toptier EVERY YEAR HAHAH)

i enjoy both 2k2 and 2k3, but 2k3 still is my fave :smiley:

  1. Duolon
  2. Duolon
  3. Duolon, Duolon, and Duolon

because he spits hot fire

I don’t find it that bad. No arcades around here actually carry it, so I just play with my friends, and none of them actually use Duolon. I do think the controls are too loose, and the game starting you with 3 bars from the get-go is dumb as shit. And it isn’t the brightest bulb of the bunch either. As for my favorite, I guess it’s a tie between 97, 98 and 2002. And my least favorite probably being 2000 or 94. The only reason I don’t hate 2001 too much is because it has Foxy in it, and she kicks ass. She needs to come back.

KoF 2003 was like KoF Tag game ver. 1, KoF XI is like an updated version of it. KoF 2003 is my 2nd favourite KoF after 97.

Although '03 can be fun, the problems lead to it being viable for friendly competition, but not tourney play. My favorite is '02, followed by '98 and '00, least favorite being '01 (least favorite roster being '03).

She’s dead, and thank god…stupid broken bitch. Not even Duolon was banned, but she was. That’s telling you something right there.

I really don’t mind 2003. The system allows faster play, so it’s really good for casual play. We’ve had tournaments here in San Antonio without banning Duo Lon, and it wasn’t that bad. The roster was refreshing in a way, but it needed maybe two more teams to make it feel right.

My favorite would probably be 2000, followed by 2002 and '98. Gameplay wise, I really disliked '99 (nothing really connected right), and the music(?) of 2001. The game is actually good once you get past the poor presentation and sounds.
(My GOD team: 2001 - Kyo, May Lee, Foxy, Heidern)

Well, there is a notable difference in game speed in 2k3. Playing of other KOFs like NW will be very uncomfortable.

However I did not have much of this problem if I go back to 2k2 their speed difference is not that big.

Not quite…


Well Kulas gonna be interesting in XI to say the least…mayb a true K clone now…air fireballs and all.

I Love Kof 2002 & 2003 I hope both will be in Evo Next Year.

Well, Foxy was still the only reason I bothered with that game. It just didn’t feel right. I don’t care how broken she was, she was one of the most refreshing designs I had seen in a while. I’m hoping Elizabeth will do as well.