Why am i getting super instead of ultra

So i purshased an arcade stick from madcatz chun li ps3/ps4 tournament edition 2. I just got it yesterday ago and try it out the buttons seem very responsive and its alright but when i try to do an ultra with all three punches on the the top i get super instead O.o

I try all three kicks at the bottom and i can instantly do the ultra. I have another stick which is the madcatz pro fightstick you know the red one about 2 years ago. I can still instantly do ultra on both punches and kicks. Doing uppercuts, fireballs, and special moves i don’t have a problem with this on both sticks this is my second stick that i purchased probably I’m not use to it i try to ultra an few times already with the buttons on the top but still get super.

You need to re-learn using the arcade stick…until you get used to it.
Keep practicing.

You’re probably not quite timing the button press so you’re getting one punch and then the others or something like that, just keep grinding execution drills in the lab

Just practice. It takes quite a lot of time to switch from pad to stick :slight_smile:
Check your input ingame to see where you messed up

Just check the inputs and then you’ll know if you’re pressing them correctly or not.

If they are showing clean and all 3 punches are at the same time then there’s something wrong, otherwise, it’s just execution as people above have said.