Why am I having the hardest time with basic combos with Cammy?



I’m a new Cammy player (usually play Ryu/Ken), but when I came to Cammy I noticed the basic combos are impossible to do for me, such as…

c. lk, c.lp, c.lk -> spiral arrow

The spiral arrow won’t come out, is there a shortcut or some timing thing I’m not getting?


Most people have this problem with the timing of the c.lp into the c.lk.

What you’re probably doing is cancelling the c. lp into the c. lk by pressing it way too early. You need to slow down a bit and press it later which will turn the cancel into a link. From there you cancel the c.lk into the Spiral Arrow and the combo will definitely come out.

Let me know if that helps.


another thing to think about with cammy is that her light bnb combo requires a 2 frame link… but so do s.mp > cr.mp and cr.fp > cr.mk which both do way more damage and stun. just a thought


I really need to implement more of those in my damn dive kick game.


Cammy’s links are also very slow in the timing compared to a lot of other characters, so yeah, in the case of her light link hit confirm, you need to delay between the last lk, so it doesn’t chain. And for her st. mp and cr. hp links, you need to wait a while as well, or you will simply get nothing (because nothing chains off those).


Thanks a lot guys, I got the combo going after the tips…

I put a pause before the lk -> spiral and now it’s pretty easy.

Is there a thread for her combos btw?


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