Why Am i Losing interest in Street Fighter?

Don’t Know why But, i’m losing interest in The SF Series Dont know why but Guilty Gear and BlazBlue interest Me more, Have any of you had this Problem? to Me, Watching Kaqn is more entertaining Because i Main Ragna than Daigo (I Main Ryu on SF) I don’t know its just That I’m losing interest in SF :frowning:

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This is exactly the type of shit that’s killing the fighting game community.

Well, he’s more interested in BlazBlue now, so maybe you should try the opposite too and see if naked guys give you the results you’re looking for :o

SF to you is possibly boring now because of a lack of proper competition, little to no desire to improve, or the game itself has become uninteresting (Like, if/when you play you just “go through the motions” and shut your brain off to a degree).

Ever think of simply playing whatever it is that interest you instead of posting about whatever it is that doesn’t interest you?

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Ok lets be serious for a second guys.

OP might just be one person, but did you know over 6000000000 people worldwide are not interested in SF? What are we going to do about this as a community?!?!?!

Complain over the internet?

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I someone where to say Street Fighter is the “worst” fighting game out know, would you agree? SF is the only one that favors turtling while something like BlazeBlue is a masher. Both bad but one is not as bad.




You’re one of the worst trolls I’ve ever seen. You aren’t funny in the slightest bit and your baiting is terrible.