Why am I so bad at this game?


Well… I tried my new team out that I’ve been practicing with for a few days now… Akuma, Ironman, Dormammu… And I’m getting absolutely spanked online… Any other team suggestions? Or suggestions in general? I love this game but having no chance is kind of ridiculous, and is beginning to ruin it for me haha.


Keep at it.


This isn’t call of duty, you wont get results fast. If you are somewhat new trying to be competitive at fighting games you will suck hard for awhile before you get any sort of consistancy. Practice, learn the game and not just the characters, and most of all make sure you figure out why you are losing or else you won’t get better at all. It isn’t your team it is probably you.


First of all you’re using 3 of the harder to use characters in the game. Iron Man has potential but he’s really technical, Dormammu is pretty technical, Akuma pretty technical and has zero health so if you’re not good at blocking he’s going to get blown up.

For now you need a safer easier team that will help you learn the game. I would suggest something like Magneto, Wolverine and maybe Taskmaster since they are all generally cut and paste to play minus Magneto. Yet Magneto will teach you some of the more advanced stuff like DHC reset into Wolverine and Magneto will teach you to throw people all the time cuz he gets a free combo anytime he throws someone.


Do the missions, go to training and dick around, and play everybody. Play people who suck, play people who are great; play everybody! Don’t give up on characters so quickly, either, and try not to be so concerned with winning. Nissan’s right, camping in a corner won’t help you here. Results come slow, but they come. Never give up and don’t have an attitude about losing.

You either win or learn something. Sometimes both.


Yeah I’ve learnt all Akuma’s combos in the bradygames guide, I’ve found Ironman tough to use, and Dormammu is also really hard to get in with… My main problem is blocking, it seems that no matter what I do, I cannot block when someone is rushing me down. I use advancing guards etc, but I always get hit from above and bounced, and then combo’d to death.

edit: I’m finished 82% of the missions also.


know 1 or 2 combos at most with your characters. Combos dont mean anything if you don’t understand the game and how it operates. If you can’t consistently land the first touch that leads into the combo by setting it up in a way you will be ready to execute your combo then the combos you learn are pointless.


The rule I always play for dealing with rushdown is block low and if u see them take to the air block high then go back to block low. Against better players you’ll have to train yourself to block low even if they’re in the air especially against Magneto. Magneto has tricks like air dashing straight down and hitting you low. Which is why you’re better off just blocking low and just kinda chicken blocking for a sec if he goes high and then go back to low. If you’re scared jump up in the air and block or air back throw.


I’m still getting killed by the worst fucking players I’ve ever seen, this is so damn frustrating because I know I’m not bad at this stupid game. Maybe its connection issues, I don’t know.


Many users have this issue, the correct solution it’s and I quote Wesker: “Please…Try Harder”.

It will take hours, days or weeks, but you will eventually keep up, learn from your mistakes. And if it’s a connection issue, change your provider or change your settings according to your area.

Good luck.


No you are probably bad at this game but that is the fun part in getting better and noticing it. What makes these players so bad that you are playing might I ask? And please don’t say that it is because they don’t do combos or they only do 1 combo like how a lot of people like to rationalize the main difference between good and bad players these days.


Labeling other players as “worst fucking players I’ve ever seen” and loosing to them doesn’t make your “I’m not bad at this stupid game” statement hold much meaning.

If by connection issues you mean online play, then learning how to play will be even harder with MvC3’s netcode. Either find players who you feel your connection is acceptable or gather with players from around your area and play offline, sadly playing offline is not an option available for all of us.

Bottom line, give it some time, specially if this is your first fighting game, and read the suggestions above me, they are probably much better than mine.


I think to improve your skill, first you have to accept defeat. It’s a bad mentality to have when you think you lose to “bad” players. If you are losing that game, then at least in that single match, he is better then you. Losing is losing, you just have to figure out why you lose, if they keep on abusing a single trick and you still lose, it means u haven’t figure out how to counter it. To be honest, I think it’s good to lose if you think your game is solid, people will find holes in them and that’s how u’ll improve.


Yeah, I can’t be like that, I’m just frustrated at the moment. I’ve just got to definitely work on building a solid team, the only character I truly know how to use at the moment is Akuma. I’ve been thinking I might add Wolverine at some point, we’ll see how it plays out.


I lose to random dante/dorm/pheonix teleports and/or supers online.

I’m not bad, they’re bad.


How are teleports random? I don’t think people accidentally use a teleport ever.


It just takes time man. The transition from casual to competetive is a tough one, both physically and mentally… Do everything these guys have suggested, as well as that imo, watch as many match videos as you can, all the time, watch how other people play and what other people do. Search through character forums, find practical combos and practice your execution, just spend time in training mode working on what matters (save experimentation for times when practicing doesn’t matter and you know you’re just having fun). Lastly, play other people and get your ass kicked. If you can, record your matches and analyse what you’re doing wrong, as well as what your opponent is doing right. If you can’t record, just try and remember why you’re getting beat and figure out ways to defend your self.


Well sometimes I do (random DP motions coming out during my ground chains…). But even then, I can work with it.


they spam down down + S or C with dante. (Also down forward)

That’s how they play dante online.


Learn something from every loss. After every match, before you search again looking for revenge, sit back and reflect on what went wrong and what went right. The answer is usually block more and be more patient and pick the openings better.

It takes time to get decent at a fighting game. It’s more than just learning combos to win, you have to learn to move around the screen and know when is a good time to press a button when not to.