Why are black women single?

Apparently, this is some sort of new phenomenon. Here’s the video I made from a variety of other videos, please leave a comment on your thoughts either on here or youtube (<–preferred) thanks in advanced. :bgrin:


…not enough rich black men?? :confused:

What the fuck did I just watch?

I hope you get banned and thanks for wasting two minutes of my life with the most useless video on youtube you piece of dog shit.

There’s so many problems there. Generally speaking, it’s like the sole purpose of their existence is to berate and belittle any kind of man they meet in life…because they DON’T fucking respect a goddamn thing, and they certainly don’t value any one man over another. They’re usually crazy too, but that’s certainly not a “black woman thing”…most women are about on even ground psychologically with the Joker…nothing really makes logical sense, but one thing you can count on like the fucking sunrise…is that their involvement usually means something miserable and profoundly depressing is about to happen in your life. They appear in your life and that’s a wrap…it signals the end of happiness and prosperity…in exchange for the one upside of getting to bust a nut on occasion…everything else besides that is all downhill from there.

On a sidenote, I do enjoy observing their misery though. Be alone forever, bitches. How does that feel? How does that feel to be unwanted and irrelevant for the rest of your fucking life? Cry and rot in lonely despair forever.

Stop generalising.

Just because you can’t get none, mmmmmmmmmkay.

clicks fingers and walks away

Actually, I get plenty.

Actually, I get plenty.

They confuse there preferences with standards and think the only way to get married and have a great life is to get a rich black man. Since Black Women outnumber black men its almost like they are trying to find a diamond in a room full of big sugar crystals. They need to look for men who treat them right and actually care about them. Not some “good” black man which in their eyes means he has a very large check the personality and character flaws are not even an issue. You see more and more black males dating out their race due to things like stuck up black women who look down at them for working blue collar jobs, mid level jobs, not driving an expensive car, and not dressing like a walking mannequin. As a child many black women get this “He ain’t shit” mentality due to either single parenting or a pessimistic mother. This encourages them to seek men with financial stability and the ability to pay for all the status symbol goods they enjoy. Since they either didn’t have those things as a child or didn’t receive enough care. Mothers reinforced this mentality by training their daughters to only like men who play sports or trying be some type of high payed professional. Creating an issue amongst black men and women . With females who love them for their status and black men who are extremely wary of black women and choose not to date them anymore due to previous acts of betrayal . After years of being looked down upon by black women due to superficial reasons such as clothes, cars and money when they get to a certain point were they are labeled "good ".

lol SWP has more videos

watch precious


There aren’t even enough Black women on this site to challenge this stupid fucking question. Why would you even bring this to SRK? Take this shit to AHH or something.

I dunno. Most of them are attached around here.

Most of them do end up treating good guys like shit, though. I know that firsthand.

I’m married and have a child. And honestly sadly enough a lot of women have what you call friends, who were raised by women that had no husband and their father wasn’t there because the mom was crazy as fuck in some cases. So then the friend pollutes her mind. And I have a family in-law member who’s like 50 sumthin and still sayin men ain’t shit, but she lonely as hell and want one. A prime example is one time me and this woman was having a discussion and she said " Yall need us, without us you mofos wouldn’t exist." And i said “WTF are you talking about it takes 2 to create, so the same can be said if we were taken out of the equation, and last I checked you mofo’s came from our rib hint Adam was here FIRST.” Needless to say she didn’t like that shit lol. Then there’s the women who are tired of women being subjected and portrayed as weaker than men in society and the media so when one thing goes their way they try and either control everything or boss you around. Sorry but men are stronger. If I’m wrong walk in the street and start shit with a regular decent sized guy right now, see how that works out for ya. But needless to say the real men ain’t havin that shit. So instead of gettin the real men because they can’t handle em they go for the weak guys they can control. But then they get tired of them and want a real man but they can’t get one because they want full control. Real men are open to compromise not “yes honey whatever you say.” Feel me? Sorry if I offended any females by the way.

I agree with Khaos and Doctrine. They treat good decent men badly yet they flock to bad men who have a history of problems. Thinking they can change them and tame them.

What turns me off about black women is that they feel I’m obligated to dating them just because I’m black.

I don’t give a damn what color I am, if I’m heavily engaged in hobbies and interest that are different from your one-dimensional black lifestyle, there’s a good chance that I’m not your type.

A lot of people are single, whats the big deal about black women being single?

So true M.D I think they should try to date outside our race sometimes.

From my personal experience most black women I meet talk with their necks and think they’re the shit and have any and everything owed to them, which is a REAL TURN OFF. I’m not trying to deal with that shit. I’m a gangsta thug with pants hanging halfway off my ass making it rain in the club spittin ebonics. Matter of fact, I go out of my way to NOT associate myself with that type of crowd, because they ultimately fit into stereotypes, and that’s not me. In my life of 26 years, I’ve literally known about 4-5 women, including in my family, that don’t have that snappy, blasphemous attitude.

lol @ poll, you know the vast majority of people here are male right?? Just seems so pointless.

lol had a feeling this was just a spam thread so I didn’t bother watching

I’m black, never dated a black girl