Why are developers still making fighting games so hard to learn?

Wow…OP just guaranteed bitchmade post of the year.

Fuck all the haters. OP has a point. Why every FG doesn’t have a VF4Evo style training mode in this day and age, I have no idea.

Seriously you are all fucking retarded.

As much as people are trying to murder the OP you’re all missing the fucking point. Yes the game is easy as hell to us but to people who are just starting, it’s alot to take in due to the trial mode being so balls. I’m watching a friend of mine play through Trial mode with a few characters in SFIV and due to the mode not doing a damn thing to explain how things like Cr. Short, Cr. Jab, Cr. Strong work it comes off alot harder than it needs to be. Fuck the OP isn’t even asking for the game to be made easier, just for things to be better explained for people that are starting out. Fuck the ability to read and actually understand whats posted seems to be a lost art lately.

CORRECTION, it is K-Groove since S-Groove only allows you to do infinite WEAK SUPERS. K-Groove allowed you to do one STRONG super combo, though you had a timelimit.

Why are people swearing in these forums? Keep it PG .btw watch youtube vids to learn more about your character.