Why are fighting gamers such douchebags?

Why are they so arrogant, elitist and unwilling to help? They always have this aura of, “i’m better than you so don’t even bother talking to me” and it’s completely unwarranted. If you ask any skilled player for some pointers they call you a “scrub” and tell you to get lost, or they’ll just not say anything and act as if you don’t deserve an answer. So, what the hell is wrong with this dickish community?

Uhhh I think that’s an issue with your community and less with the FGC. I’ve never had an issue with anyone even being unfriendly let alone not willing to give advice or tips and that includes “top players”.

Your troll threads are as boring as ever.

In case others take your post seriously, there are those that help and those that don’t. Those that don’t are probably just tired of trying to explain things to beginners and beginners not wanting to listen or arguing.

The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear.

You’re probably asking the wrong people. I’ve taught 4 people how to play Juri on SSF4 and i’ve even met people that were willing to teach me before that. Namely an old friend called RainbowMage but he doesn’t like me anymore :confused: If you got XBL, a headset and you don’t piss me off I’ll help you out with SFxTK. Maybe even SSF4 but I havent touched it since march 6th. I mostly work in a team haven’t done alot of my own play time honestly

They compare themselves to other gamers. Anyone would be arrogant if they compared themselves to FPS players or RPG fans.

Also remember that getting good at a fighting game requires a lot more practice than getting good at any other kind of game, which makes it somewhat incompatible with actually having a life. This causes rage issues and leads to a loss of perspective about what is important in life, which in turn leads to the belief that they actually have a skill that people outside of their community should respect and admire.

True Dat.

so because they’re pressing buttons and moving a small stick around I should give them the utmost respect? This community is more arrogant and deluded than I thought

Hey do posters on SRK make so many generalizations?

We’re better than you, so why are you even posting in our forums? Jesus, scrub.

Any community for a competitive game/genre/activity has its arrogant douches you fucking moron.

Mostly just the fighting game community. Other communities are generally helpful and friendly but the fgc has a commitment to being as unpleasant as possible

Everyone I’ve met through playing fighting games has been helpful and friendly.

You shouldn’t have any problems if you ask your questions on the right places.
If someone creates a whole thread for a single simple question on the wrong section, chances are you will get flamed or get your thread locked etc etc.
Any character section has threads that have lots of information and you can ask any question you like.

Some of these threads took very long to compile information over the years, and some thread starters spent hours and hours working on that tutorial or that guide you’ve seen on the front page or youtube.
I hope you can appreciate that when someone ignores all of that and just uses the “Create Thread” button as a customer service agent, that tends to make some members not very happy about the situation, giving you the image of the community that you currently have, however, the truth is that the information we have gathered in this site is incredibly valuable for anyone who’s interested in fighting games.

Please take the time to know the website works before you make a judgement, and I can promise you that you WILL learn any fighting game from here that you’re trying to learn.

I see it everywhere, from Puzzle Fighter to Gears of War to Saints Row. You just gotta deal with people and their shit when it comes to competition.

They think they’re Jesus or Daigo. Seriously though people like that are just competitors and they feel if they figured it out on they’re own you should too which is the better way for you to get better is on your own, that’s what replay channel, youtube, and SRK is for to help yourself. Aint nothing wrong with asking eventually there will be some people to help you out, but if you take that route just know you’re going to have to get through many assholes. Stay a lone wolf homey.

Threads like these are why fighting game players are such douchebags

Real talk, don’t get hung up on the assholes. Find some like-minded peeps and…just play.

OP is a troll. Stop falling for it. :shake:

Lol…anecdotal experiences are cool, right?

You can find threads like this on any online community, you can’t expect nice people on every community.

WoW: "this game is full of horrible people they don’t want to help and i want to complete my random dungeon!!!"
COD: "this game is full of douchebags and inmature kids yelling on the mic!!"
Battlefield: "this game is full of trolls and MAV/Usas fags they ruin the game for the new people!!"
DOTA: “wow this game is full of shit talkers and they don’t want to help!!”

Stop generalizing, if you want to find a diamond you must search for it on mountains of shit, this is nothing new, also you must know how to ask your question on the right place, not everyone is an elitist and you will find a lot of help if you know how to ask them, maybe you are the problem.

too late :frowning:

When you make a troll thread as dumb as this one you should expect people to be unpleasant to you. It’s not the FGC, it’s you.

Actually in hindsight I havent seen a gaming community as nice as the FGC. Gears is decent. Battlefield is just all out silence. Call of Duty is…self explanatory. With those examples i mean in-game. Not on forums. It also seems i misunderstood the initial post here >.<