Why are fighting games so sanitized?

No wonder Viscant hates this site, you fucks can’t even fucking read. You’re exactly as I thought, some beta male ass nerd who thinks you know what people want. I laugh my ass off when people like you rail on 300 and other popular shit acting like it’s too lowbrow for you, yet so many people love shit like that.

Here’s the point, simple and clear. if games you nerds think are shit, like Gears of War and God of War and MK sell so well despite being shitty casual fests, but full of blood, it would make perfect sense for a company to just make GOOD fighter with that stuff in it, knowing it will sell. Unlike Capcom remaking SF2 Turbo but dumbing the controls down because some kid is too stupid to learn how to throw a fucking fireball.

Nice job with the jab about being 14, you almost had an argument that didn’t sound like a typical hipster emo ****** til you threw that up. What’s wrong, u mad GTA sells more than your shitty weeaboo fighters? U mad the frat boys would rather play gears of War than Blazblue? U mad bro, u mad? Come at me bro.

I’m waiting for the references to Kakuto Chojin/Tao Feng/Steve Wilkos.

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Remember guys, this game sucked so bad due to all the blood and over the top violence, no wonder it bombed

After all points have been refuted, the troll tends to backpedal and lash out with it’s comments, a wild and frantic movement that is laughable in the extreme. Let’s watch.

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Refute what, you rambling about how your favorite movies got ruined, despite being popular box office hits?

Sounds like those kids that get mad cuz their fav metal band is now selling records. They sold out duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude!

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“I am the white void. I am the cold steel. I am the just sword. With blade in hand shall I reap the sins of this world and cleanse it in the fires of destruction. I am Hakumen. The end has come!”




kill bill? the movie where people got their arms cut off, and you could obviously see it was fake and it sprayed watery blood out like a fountain, and you could see the guy’s real arm tucked under his jacket? That also happened to be a Really Good Movie, in spite of the violence? Same goes for God of War. Great game, in spite of the violence. 300, entertaining movie… in spite of the violence… Saw, shitty movie because there is nothing there except the violence now and that’s what twisted children like you enjoy

u mad

Imagine a fighter with fighters fighting in venues like raining rooftops late at night in some dark gritty city.
Please refer to Tekken 5’s “Acid Rain” stage, and Tekken 6’s “City After Dark” stage".

Fighting in underground cage arenas with unsavory lowlives watching.
Please refer to Tekken 4’s “Arena” stage and Tekken 5’s “Urban Jungle” stage.

Pummeling each other on a basketball court late at night in the hood.
I’m pretty sure DOA 3 had a stage like that, as well as KOF at one point in time or another.

Fighting on some dark street corner in front of a chinese restaraunt at 2am in the hood.
Didn’t Street Fighter 4 do that (Rundown Back Alley Stage), as well as Guilty Gear (Jam’s Stage)?

Guys fighting on an army base after dark. Real crazy, hardcore shit.
Street Fighter already did the whole military base gig (Guile’s stages). Tekken took a step in another direction and did the whole combat zone spiel (Tekken 5’s “Industrial Complex” stage and Tekken 6’s “Urban Warzone” stages).

I know there’s countless other examples, but I’m lazy. Anyways, point being that yes, I can imagine a fighting game with those stages, because they’ve already been created. :coffee:

Kill Bill’s violence was so over the top that it was humourous, which was the point. It’s an homage/affectionate parody o Kung Fu B movies which is why the violence works. As for God of war, there was actually a decent game under all that violence.