Why are FPS's so popular?

I thought it might be better to try things from the other end, and instead of analysing why fighting games are becoming less popular, rather analyse why FPS’s are so popular. This is being written with someone with a casual knowledge of the FPS genre, so if there is anything wrong in this post I would appreciate it if you could correct me. If anyone can think of anything else, by all means post.

o . They feature graphic violence - More than the simple pop of the baddies of the old days, defeating the enemies usually results in an exploding head with plenty of gore, or exploding bodies with plenty of entrails, or both. This adds to the ‘cool’ factor of the game.

o . The participants are soldiers, vigilantes, cyber criminals, psychos, often carrying the latest in killing technology, guns, knives, laser swords, photon cannons etc etc, everything you need to kill the opponent. ‘cool’ factor. (When Street Fighter was popular martial arts was ‘in’ bloodsport etc. Nowadays is not the case)

o . The games require the latest in cutting edge technology, in essence the FPS market drives the video card market. And therefore having the latest FPS means you must have the latest video card. l337n355 factor, for the graphics card whores out there.

o . FPS games already intergrate learned motor behaviours used with mouse and keyboard. Skills which most children nowadays pick up early on.

o . Most Popular FPS games are played on the home PC, making it convienent to play at any time at home.

o . Team Competition allows you to be ‘carried’ by the more skilled team members, possibly giving you a better chance to improve.

o . Competition in FPS games can be found at any time at home, in front of your own PC by accessing the internet, with a variety of teams to suit your particular skill level at the time.

o . Internet play is more viable due to latency being less of a problem in FPS than in other types of game.

o . If you start losing, most of the time you can cheat.

o . If you die, there are no lost lives/money some games allow you to respawn immediately.

o . Unless playing in a LAN environment, anonymity is assured.

FPS games are fucking gay. Thats what people have to resort to when they dont have the skills to play Street Fighter.


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  • easy to get into. Let’s face it, FPS are point and shoot. It is a lot less technical than learning a lot of the newer games, whether it be fighting, RPGS, etc. Despite the apparent simplicity, the potential for getting better is limitless; that plus the constant influx of different other players mean that you’re constantly being pushed to perform better

Wow, a real response, I wasn’t expecting that. But yeah, you’re right. The pretty graphics don’t hurt either. It’s pretty Graphics that pulled the kids in back in 91 with SF2. Basically if you play anything outside the last 3 yrs in graphics, then you’re considered poor or a retro gamer.

Don’t forget that the game balance is totally different. Unless you have maps that allow you to start out with every weapon, then your character’s balance in a match is only as good as what weapons you can get a hold of. Players who know how to cycle a map in order to get the right weapon for the job will do better than people who take whatever they come across.

But in fighting games for the most part, your character is tied to his moveset. you can’t pick up another weapon in order to adjust to something new your opponent is throwing at you. Cycling the map for weapons/ammo is obvious, but small advatages that fighting game characters often have are not. How obvious would it be to a complete newcomer to try triangle jumping, or super jump cancels?

following on from bowiegranap - i think its because fps have amazing graphics, they are very deep (i.e the skilledp layer always wins), they allow for a team aspect to the gameplay introducing a whole different level of tactics, and they allow for greater immersion/freedom than fighting games. theres also no character tiers etc like in fighting games, which most people seem to dislike

this is a pretty funny post, regardless if it’s a joke or not.

I think the term ‘deep’ is a tired phrase, and a bit relative, how do you measure ‘deepness’ between a fighter and a FPS?

People might say that Close range, long range weapon loadouts are actually similar to tiers. Like the person who takes out half a team with the cheaper weapons compared to the others.

But all in all I think mainly its due to the accessability factor. Most everyone has basic Keyboard/Mouse skills, and the point and click interface makes just about anyone figure out the basic movement controls soon enough. When is the last time you saw a person mash a mouse and keyboard? (When the computer wasn’t crashing)

i’m not saying it should be measured between fighters and shooters, i’m saying that in both games, the potential for skill is great.

also, players have equal access to weapons, its not character specific , so its not tiers like we have in sf which are character specific. furthermore i think decent players would argue that controlling weapons is an important factor in your skill at fps.

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Heh. That’s why I made a conscious effort to avoid it and instead describe it – a game where, beyond the basics, you learn more as you play.

I can’t believe so many people here are defending FPS games. What a bunch of fags.

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Anyway, FPS are fun and that’s why I play them. Granted though, I don’t play each one that’s on the market…I only play Unreal Tour. Game Of The Year. I liked its fast pace, weaponry and music. Some FPS I truly don’t care for [Counter Strike, Half Life], but for the most part it’s all good.

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I play lots of FPS it’s fun but I wouldn’t say it’s half as good as SF etc imo, maybe when combat integrates fully into FPS I’ll change my opinion… It isn’t a battle of the mind; reflexes and map memory are vital factors in victory with FPS it just doesn’t feel as complex imo

I do dislike the bias of most FPS and RTS fanboys when it comes to fighting games as if it were beneath them (walking away with their noses pointed in the air) I’m pretty easy I’ll play anything except RPGs( the epiphany of overrated low on gameplay substance the true black hole of gaming imo )

I even have this RTS fanboy trying to make me change my main game allegiance from fighting games to RTS, he’s always spreading the biblical importance of RTS as a game genre (sick) I’ll even accommodate him a bit, probe his thoughts on new gameplay developments (I’m a small RTS fan, not that major) but he won’t a flying fuck even try one fighting game or even consider it as a viable competitive game. I remember meeting him in the arcade once saying how asinine fighting games are and blah, blah, blah, RTS is his god BLAH, BLAH, blah so I gave him a round in SF3SI and he started to spaz like he was getting butseks, he lost hopelessly…

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I just hate the predefined assumption that fighting games are old (poor childhood recollections of being on the receiving end of a infinite in KI/MK or just a mean ass beating in SF2?) Even worse the assumption that it’s 2d (so simple) so it must be crap, then they’ll say that 3d fighters are all about mashing OMG :frowning:

Arguably most RTS games are 2D, you either move north, east, south or west. But, there are tiers in FPS games. All your weapons compared to each other have their advantages and disadvantages. This doesn’t mean the Rocket is the most overpowered gun in the game, as a lot of power of your gun is based on circumstances. But looking at Halo2 point for point the Battle Rifle is a much strong gun than the Carbine.

FPS games are more popular for a bazllion reasons…

  1. Our culture is geared towards fast-paced, action-oriented, quick-restart entertainment. FPS games best meet that, whether you’re a talented player out-thinking and out-manuevering the opponent or whether you’re Joe-Moron who runs into the same room, over and over, stealing a quick kill and dying and restarting.

  2. FPS games usually push the latest and greatest in technology, which adds to the “must-have” and the cool factor. Also, that means the games look as good as they come, which in the gaming industry pushes sales, even if the gameplay is awful.

  3. Team games. playing with friends is always more fun than playing by yourself (unless you’re an RPG nerd who prefers the company of Cloud Squall over the company of real humans). Plus it lets you discuss strategy, talk trash, encourage, coordinate and work as a unit.

  4. Professional competition. Theres more money in shooting games than anywhere else, plain and simple.

  5. Violence sells games and FPS games deliver violence.

  6. FPS game immerse you in the world like no other. I play SSBM competitively but I’ve never dreamt of being IN a game of smash or running around the levels. FPS games make me feel like it’s ME doing the shooting. The result is you have more sensory attachment to a FPS game… I’ve dreamt about physically running around Halo levels, perfect to scale and detail in my dreams, because when I play, it’s like looking through my own eyes.

  7. Low intial learning requirement… it’s (generally) easy to pick up and play and because of ranking systems in place online you don’t walk into getting pounded over and over again by someone whoring a “scrub-beating” manuever like playing fighting games online.

  8. Long improvement cycle… you can continue to get better at sniping, level control, accuracy, whatever for a very long time and there’s always someone running a new pattern or trying to catch you off guard with something new. And unless you’re playing someone ridiculously above your skill level, it usually remains “fun” during your entire climb up in skill.

  9. fighting game kids are whiners/arcaderats. RPG/Strategy games kids are dorks. Seems like FPS games have been embraced by the “cool” culture, meaning you’re more likely to give FPS games a try sometime in your life and you’re more likely to find people willing to play with you.

… and a whole lot more.