Why are FPS's so popular?


RTS are satisfying but way to to time consuming, FPS are very random imo but the best does always come out on top so that is a factor.

but really it lacks depth imo I, I shoot you, you dead ha ha lolzer running round and round like chicken without a head, not to mention camping HA HA Iz on 13 kills and I aren’t even moved HA HA I’ve been playing a lot of UT2004 lately since it’s seems to be the in FPS at the mo and I’m just not feeling it even when I place highly, I need substance and complexity in my games… just my crappy opinion

I’d prefer racing over FPS imo


"4. Professional competition. Theres more money in shooting games than anywhere else, plain and simple. "

If by shooting games, you mean Starcraft, then yes.

There’s just as much thinking in FPS’s as in fighting games. All good players have good aim, timing, knowledge of the map etc. It’s the smart players who can outthink others who win.


yes but how much thinking is going on if you’re killed every 10 secs or so? It’s simple yet satisfying hamster wheel stuff imo

I just feel that way


I for one have pretty much dropped fighting games. I used to spend time practicing at home, then taking a trip to london to play the best.
The arcade scene is all but dead now with the rise of consoles and broadband. I was really looking forward to playing tekken5 but without netplay whats the point?
Anyone who thinks fps games are low skilled is not seeing the whole pic or playing the wrong games. ut2k4 is highly skilled and imho takes far more skill than any fighting game. Sound plays in important strategy and knowing where your opponents is in a 1v1 at anyone time is a skill on its own. Timing weapons armour etc… Fighting games reached their peak a few years ago and have nowhere to progress to. The same is now happening with fps’s Someone will have to come up with new stuff soon or we’ll all be playing the same old crap… oh we are already :wink:


Well i don’t think either fps or fighting games require more skill than the other. FPS’s require superior reaction time for quick aim, strategy is involved at higher degrees in team based games like CS and also very important is execution of attacking a certain bombsite in unison with your teammates, knowing where each is gonna look, throwing well timed flashes, knowing when to throw nades, mastering bursting techniques with rifles to assure consitent headshots and just like top SF players, it takes years to be the best. Also in games like PK,Q3,and UT in duel matches you have to learn how to control the map, time the power-ups correctly so that your opponent doesn’t get them, knowing how to strafe jump to run around the map faster, etc. In either type of game, the same players that have been at the top have been playing for 5+ years and you continue to see the same names finishing in the top 5 at tournaments.

FPS tournaments are really similar to major fighting game tournaments, like EVO has it’s counterpart CPL, and SBO could be compared to ESWC and ACON where you need to qualify for a spot to compete at the finals, and there is WCG which is kinda like the Olympics of E-Sports where they hold qualifiers at over 50 nations and the best go to compete for their country. You’ve already stated some major differences which would be the decrease in latency when playing FPS then fighters which allows people to play matches against anybody anytime without complaining about lag. In some cases the graphics do make a difference in how spectators and average people view a new game but still games like CS 1.6 and Q3 are still played competitively in tournaments and they don’t exactly require the latest graphics card. But either way, companies are opting for pushing the latest, more visually attractive games into the competitive scene (D3, PK) so that it can lure your average spectator and sell more of their expensive products. Still, most of the spectators for FPS tournaments are the competitive community itself so there still really isn’t a general acceptance of society of either genre of games into the mainstream. But one thing that really makes the difference is sponsorship of teams/players from respectable companies and companies sponsoring tournaments which leads to more prize money. The top teams are sponsored by companies like nVidia, Abit, Intel, AMD, etc which allows players to travel and of course get the latest in PC equipment for free. Some teams are actually like companies, they have management, and they pay their players salaries on top of the prize money they get from winning tournaments which could be upto $100,000 for team based games and $20,000+ for single matches depending on the tournament of course. And strategy games like War3 and Starcraft really offer big money especially if you go to Korea. The marketability of fighting games i don’t think is up to par with FPS because i mean seriously, how long is a match of practically any fighter (with CvS2 being the exception), average 5 min for a bo3. For CS a match it’s about 40-60 min. and sometimes overtime which leads to more, a single Q3,UT,PK duel is 15 min. if i remember correctly and if its bo3 then it could go 45 min. The FPS competitive community is far larger than fighters (about 30,000 people spectate each of the major CS finals) which allows more of a following for companies to market and make money from these games. If fighters had some serious attraction towards companies and sponsorships where there is a possibiliy of making money then you will probably see fighters gain in popularity. MLG has been trying to do this and it looks like it has been successful but again with an fps Halo (not sure about SSBM). Maybe with T5 since it is new, having TV commercials, and has good graphics it might be able to attract new people but with 2D, it doesn’t look like it will WOW anybody. If you happened to see the Apprentice, one of the final tasks was to host a video game tournament and you can expect it was a new game, with good graphics, think about it, why would they choose 3S, a game that has been out for a long time now than a new game with potential to sell more copies. Not to put anybody down but right now it looks like 2D won’t be anymore than a hobby.


This actually couldn’t be further from the truth. The real “point and click” games are the MMORPGs.

I’ve played FPS games for almost ten years now and if you reach a high enough level of skill the game becomes very tough and complicated at times. Games like Quake where you need to time weapon and item respawns (ie: weapons take 30 seconds to respawn, certain color armors take 60 seconds, power-ups sometimes take 2 minutes) to take control of a map and starve your opponent. Even Counter-Strike where strategy is key, one footstep ruins a whole round sometimes.

FPS games are definitely the most complex game genre out there, I’m talking about high level game play only (semi-pro to pro). Unfortunately, I find that the FPS games now-a-days are just different than before. More eye candy than solid gameplay. If you don’t have a good enough computer then you’ll most probably not be able to play it.


One thing no one has mentioned yet.

Many of the popular FPS’s are team games. In a team game, your inability to win is dispersed accross 16 other players. Ever tried finding a good old one-on-one, unmodded server for a FPS? There aren’t many, and they’re usually empty. People can’t own their skill. They need other people to blame their lose on. And this goes for any other genre. If a team mode is avialiable, that’s what gets played. People want to win. In a one-on-one, the better player always wins. In a team game, you could do nothing and your team could still win.


o . They feature graphic violence - More than the simple pop of the baddies of the old days, defeating the enemies usually results in an exploding head with plenty of gore, or exploding bodies with plenty of entrails, or both. This adds to the ‘cool’ factor of the game.
I havent seen the likes of Rise of the Triad in awhile, the gore was as asskicking and hilarious as the game was. They dont make enough sweet games nowadays… But at least for senseless gore, there is a new MK game out, ‘cool’.
CS being the big fps game, they just fall to the ground, I dont remember seeing any rocket launchers in that game.

o . The participants are soldiers, vigilantes, cyber criminals, psychos…
TROWA AND DUO FROM GUNDAM WING… COUNT ME IN, 3s! Gay russians? Vampires? Street punks? Robots??
Japanese games appeal to the japanese fanbase but taking in mind western wants. American games tailor to americans… lotta random violence, whee.

o . “The games require the latest in cutting edge technology.”
"Most Popular FPS games are played on the home PC, making it convienent to play"
Indeed, I know youll defend your morrigan sprite to the ends of the earth, but good graphics are never a bad thing as long as theres solid gameplay. And no, they dont require the latest in cutting edge technology, theres video options for a reason.

o . FPS games already intergrate learned motor behaviours used with mouse and keyboard. Skills which most children nowadays pick up early on.
Im glad I can type at 60+wpm, cause that must mean I will easily dominate at the fps games. I played pacman a lot as a kid, so DPs are a piece of cake. Thankfully, because of these facts, I dont need to regard any notion of thought in these games.

o . Team Competition allows you to be ‘carried’ by the more skilled team members, possibly giving you a better chance to improve.
Or youll just drag them down, preferrably getting killed quickly so they dont have to worry about your sorry ass flashbanging your whole team before they storm the bridge. In team deathmatch, teamwork is a lot less important, other than knowing who is off/def and watching each others back.

o . Competition in FPS games can be found at any time at home, in front of your own PC by accessing the internet, with a variety of teams to suit your particular skill level at the time.
“around your skill” is completely random depending on what youre talking about. Especially in team based games it is difficult to guage your skill. Who has the most kills? least deaths? most team points?

o . Internet play is more viable due to latency being less of a problem in FPS than in other types of game.
But its still a problem for a competitive standpoint, and why lan parties are so vital to the scene. You should know, casual competition is nothing like tournament play, also it really helps bring everyone together.

o . If you start losing, most of the time you can cheat.
If you start losing in fighting games, most of the time you can just pick a higher tiered character.

o . If you die, there are no lost lives/money some games allow you to respawn immediately.
What FPS games do you play? This differs from game to game.

o . Unless playing in a LAN environment, anonymity is assured.
Unless you actually want to make a presense in the scene, in which case going to lan parties, joining a clan, etc. is vital.

ONTO PART 2. - Edited out the parts that were already argued…

  1. Our culture is geared towards fast-paced, action-oriented, quick-restart entertainment. FPS games best meet that.
    Except almost all games have the same merits. There is retards in every game demanding quick satisfaction and not trying to take anything else from the game other than seeing how many flashy lights they can make.

  2. Violence sells games and FPS games deliver violence.
    DoA also delivers SEX and violence. And it sells. Oh boy. Tony Hawk Pro Skater delivers some major violence, too. It sells, or so I hear. Do not think FPS games hog all the violence.

  3. FPS game immerse you in the world like no other. I play SSBM competitively but I’ve never dreamt of being IN a game of smash or running around the levels.
    I fear for you but especially those around you if you really dream about running around shooting your friends or being an awp whore. And who hasnt fucking thought about beating the fuck out of pikachu? Really!

  4. Low intial learning requirement…
    Anyone can click on the mouse and mash on keys. Anyone can also “play” fighting games by spinning the stick in circles and hitting all the buttons. Really, I’ve seen it done.

  5. Long improvement cycle…
    That and the accessibility really make FPS games freaking awesome. No competition = the multiplayer game is dead.

  6. fighting game kids are whiners/arcaderats. RPG/Strategy games kids are dorks. Seems like FPS games have been embraced by the “cool” culture, meaning you’re more likely to give FPS games a try sometime in your life and you’re more likely to find people willing to play with you.
    Umm… I direct you to http://www.somethingawful.com/articles.php?a=395 .
    I remember seeing a cool band from sweden and the main thing I remember is them playing mad Tekken Tag in their trailer.

Bah; FPS, RTS, Action, RPG… fuck it all, it has its ups and downs, it all depends on what youre trying to gain. I love strategy and competition and thats why I like almost every game, if fighting games werent pushing any skill, I know I wouldn’t be playing them. But just because other games have a much larger presense doesnt mean they require less skills. Then again… a lot of people do play cvs2… cough cough


It is human nature to be competitive, that’s why whe play FPS and Fightig Games.


So let me get this straight. FPS’s are simple because you suck and get killed every 10 seconds? Got it.


Nobody has really answered my question why can I be proficient in Fighting games, FPS and RTS, like all of them and give them their merits and I’m sure it’s this way with 90% of fighting gamers?

But 90% of FPS, RTS look down and sneer at fighting games?


i hate ppl that judge shit they dont know… fps games are more than just point and shoot when playin team objective games… ALOT more. there are just as many elements of strategy found in some of our beloved fighting games, but not just that- TEAMWORK, theres nothing like working together with some of your best friends to take an enemy down, this is why clans exist. the amount of teamwork in some of these fps games are insane, and untill u experiance that, then u cannot judge a fps unless your just talkin about free for all.

also i think fighting games cant keep up with the major audience because it will almost always be “old school.” the traditional fighting games (1v1 side view) has little room to be “next gen” the only thing they can really improve on is ghraphics… every other improvement has nothing to do with the hardware capibilities. while fps games improve with massive changes such as more players, more interactivity, bigger envirements, etc.

one more thing (lol) 2d fighters are HARD AS HELL to get into for the first time, have u ever tryed to teach somone how to do an srk for their first time??? they look apon it as an impossible task… also when someone sees a fighting game, it pretty much looks as if its only based on remembering moves/combos and just having quik reflexes… they prolly have ho ideah how complex it can get.


I’m sure a heavily fighter influenced balanced multiplayer brawler could compete with the team aspect of FPS? If fighting games don’t already merge with FPS eg Star Wars JA, Chronicles of Riddick (yes I know NO MP but if it did), that Unreal with the MK charas(sort of SC influenced) for the Xbox etc etc

I don’t like this superiority complex FPS bandwagon thing going on around here but whatever

I’m playing all of these games at the moment and I’m getting the most satisfaction out of fighting games at the moment so nyah, chalk it up to personal preference

yes fps are so supperior I already stated why I don’t think they are…


ya i think i think that one game had a good ideah with having a 16 player fighter (what was it again?) but it just… sucked lol

but look at unreal championship 2! i think thats a good step for fighting games, im not calling it a fighter, but it will definitly open some more doors. it might even get some fps fans to consider some fighting after playin it.


Here’s a main reason why people like FPS.

For those who have a limited amount of time on their hands (and want to play online), the FPS games are the easiest to just pick up, play for 5 mins, and quit. Fighting games fall in that realm, too. Some of the MMORPGS out there take considerable time to get up and actually do something (yes, WOW falls into this category too).

I guess you can say it’s more more bang for the buck. As stated earlier, fighting games do fall into this category, but a lot of fickle people of the fighting games community (WAY moreso than the FPS crowd) can limit what goes online.


but thats true to a small extent… cuz it doesent explain why fps are 10X more popular than fighting


Because arcades are dead.

Everyone and their mother has a computer. Ten year olds walk around with ipods. Roadkill eating red necks and bumble fucks who managed to get into college play Halo. We [as a fighting game community) are stubboringly clingingly to a genre that is way, way, way past its prime. The SF2 generation is long gone. The generation of a fast fix is here to stay, with technology continously being pushed the way it is, and with the fact that being a fucking nerd / dork what have you is actually becoming mainstream and perfectly acceptable well why the hell would you want to be stuck playing a game that’s over half a decade old, is likely pixelated beyond hell (CvS2, MvC2, or even KoF) when you could be playing current, realistic, first person shooters?

Fighting games are hard to learn and hard to play. Really hard. It’s easy as shit for all of us to super jump cancel, fast fly, cd counter, super cancel, custom combo, two in one, parry fourteen hits, cross over, and so on and so forth. The literal basics of how to play a fighting game are extremely daunting. How the fuck do you tell someone what a poking string is? How can you make someone understand how to manage their space properly or to best control an offensive or defensive front?

First person shooters are easy to learn and easy to play (please note I’m not demeaning any skill it takes to play first person shooters, I’m merely talking about getting into the genre and not so much accquiring the skill gained later on). You don’t have to ‘combo’ shit, you don’t have learn entire move sets, you just learn your environment, understand your weapon’s advantages / disadvantages, and understand who you’re playing against. It’s a set of skills that continously betters itself.

Truthfully there are tendencies / factors that apply to both genres. Also, I fucking love playing fighting games and used to be a big fps gamer back in the days of Doom I / II / Quake I / Duke Nukem / GoldenEye / Perfect Dark, but hell times change ;p. It urks me that guys like Fata1ity (did I even spell that right?) can make a living off of touring the WORLD with FPS while the likes of Justin Wong doesn’t ever get four digit earnings in one shot from a tournament (correct me if I’m wrong).



They had that one game called The Grid at Rocky’s. That game was super popular. Basically, that shit was an FPS game with 4 players.


Yea that game was popular down here too, it’s hard to play an fps with a huge trackball and a joystick.


teen age boys like guns and killing people for some reason. go figure, i like halo just like the next guy, but it’s not that serious…