Why are gamers so cheap?


Why the hell does everyone complain about how much games cost these days? This has to be a problem with the yoof of today. I was paying £39.99-£44.99 ($70) for Megadrive (Genesis) games back in 19-freaking-90. What else has practically ignored inflation, what hobby is cheaper than this ffs??

It’s even worse for FG players, seriously, you buy a game, play it for 17 years and give the finger to any DLC.

I seriously doubt FG devs can exist on the sales figures we’re currently seeing. Quit bitching and buy some DLC once in a while you cheap sons of bitches. You spent more money buying drinks for that chick that didn’t even like you.


get the fuck out of here with all of your perspective and common sense!


I like it!




There are a lot of fighters coming out. Very likely to take you for your money and not be worth it. Not enough time to play them all. Large Sales numbers come from outside the competitive player base. Its just natural, for a breakdown comparion of %'s of elite players vs they bought it and are going to press buttons and move on to the next flavor of the month, not “play it for 17 years.”

You may regret a purchase with your sensibilities on “value for a dollar.” Everyone does. You could have bought something else.




Do you mean you bought several games and ended up paying around $70, or you bought a game that costed that much? I’m broke, so of course I’m going to be cheap. However, seeing there are not many games I want lately, I can’t say I’m being cheap. Then again, unless it’s some sort of appliance like a toaster or something beneficial, I don’t think anyone would want to spend $70 on a disc. Oh, well. To each his own, then.


Students or the wageless, basically, or if they still live with parents, maybe they only get so much pocket money. How about this: HDMI Monitor @ 2ms = £200, 360 = £200 (was £100 when it was bigger and beiger!), newish Capcom game = £30, custom full Jap parts joystick = £250, hi-speed prioritised gaming internet package with line rental = £40 per month… Xbox Live = £35 a year, 2100ms points for HDR or 3s = £18… anyone doing the math? This is all after FOOD, RENT, GAS, ELECTRIC, PETROL, maybe even some clothes! How am I doing? DLC gems? Ya… let’s go see the bank manager!!

Suddenly those 60 quid SNES games in the mid '90s start to look like bargains :wink:


If I was broke as fuck, I’d buy some shoes and a copy of 3S.


That’s going to be

$600 CPSIII system, no cabinet

Maybe you want the LeBron Olympics or some of the “make you jump higher” guy’s brand, does work they said. altitude something? APL brand.


$900. yuro money, I do not know the exchange rates, can use google or something.


Poor bastards maybe? People still living with their mom? I still need to buy little samson for nes, though its 300.00 still. I still need

Pro am racing 2. 35 to 30 bucks
wacky races nes 100.00

rockman and forte 50.00
sky blazer 20.00
turrican 2 70.00-80.00

guardian heroes 70.00
bug too 35.00
panzer dragoon 30-40

silhouette mirage 30.00


Because 70$ for what is most likely going to be a shit game with very little replay value is a rip off no matter how you look at it.


Kids (generally speaking) don’t have money. Most gamers never grew up.


Fuck it I’d say it’s not a bad stand point when you are in the cash, and you like the product you are playing. But I won’t be wasting money on anything I know is a bad idea like DoA5, until it hits a value price.


I remember when my brother bought Hyper Fighting for the SNES for $86 at Sears! We played the shit out of that game w/ tons of thumb blisters well worth it…I bought SSFIV for $40 on release date & only played maybe 5x max…Waste of money…


Factor in the cost of living, then think about the fact that when you buy a game now days, it’s not the full game. The rest of it will come in DLC format and have you paying for the same game 4X over just to get what you should have from the beginning.

Still wonder why gamers are cheap? If so it’s because you’re dumb.


i spend my money on useful things like white lines, and cross town bus tickets


It’s bullshit to release DLC 1-2 months after the game was released. Basically, if they pushed the date back, we could have had that “DLC” in the game and pay the same price.

What I don’t like about the game economy is that it is about micro-monetizing the industry.


This is absolute BS. Games most certainly did not offer more content out the box than they do now, that’s just rose tinted spectacles to the extreme. Unlockables then are not the DLC of today.


Are you being serious? C’mon man, think about what you just said for a minute.


Spoken like an EA whore. You’ll love the next generation of consoles.


seriously, u cant blame a game company for trying to stay in BUSINESS, afterall they do have to make money to keep it up.


There is a vast difference between staying in business and fucking your fan base.