Why are Hispanics so obnoxious in online fighters?


This is going to be an interesting thread. I tell ya’ every time I play on GGPO or Supercade/2DF. There’s a huge number of South Americans on there, and almost every single one of these guys act like assholes. I’m not saying that they’re good, some of them are, but I’m saying that they talk shit in the chat, mash credits, etc. Why are these guys collectively assholes? Am I missing something in their culture that permits acting like a douche when playing a fighter? Do they act like this at tournaments? I have to know. Maybe they just hate White people and our success? That’s the theory I’ve come up with.

But seriously, go on GGPO or Supercade and play a South American and see that he acts like an asshole. Guarantee you he will.

I can’t say if it’s the same with XBL and PSN as I’m not on there enough.


Most people find the Brazilians to be the worst (I know, over-arching statement), and they aren’t considered ‘hispanics’. But, uh, this is a bit racist.


All I can say is deal with it, the world ain’t as sweet as we all want it to be. Just ignore it and move on instead of pondering over it.


I am hispanic and I can say for sure that yes… That IS in their culture. I am not even joking. Being an asshole is a huge part of mexican culture.

I grew up in mexico and the language you grow up with in the neighborhood is very vulgar. I grew up playing in their arcades and yes, they do talk a loooot of smack, insult each other a lot, etc. So, for them it’s normal to talk shit, also they do hate “gringos” a lot for the most part. So, you’ll probably see that a lot.

And no, Alexander’s post is not racist at all(I don’t find it racist), he is simply stating a fact. :confused:


Alexander you are fucking dumb, you know that rite


not in fgd bro


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Actually one dude just told me he doesn’t play gringos. So who’s stupid now?


still you


I dunno about Mexicans, but Brazilians are mostly pricks. It’s got nothing to do with the colour of their skin if they act like a bunch of gits.


That’s a person to person thing, not a race thing. Let’s look at some factors:

2)Internet Anonymity
3)Online Ego

All of these things contribute to douchebaggery. So yeah, it’s racist to say that. But the most you can do is just relax and enjoy your time online. Some of my closest friends are hispanic and I play dudes that are Hispanic-American all the time. Nicest dudes you’ll ever meet. Instead of getting upset, try to understand them and talk shit back. :wink:


Eh, not really. I’ve played a lot of guys in America and elsewhere, and yeah there’s shit talking on occasion but nothing like Hispanics and South Americans in general. And shit talking back to them doesn’t really work because they’ll play the ‘no speaka de english’ card or they just ragequit. I’m not a racist dude but I honestly think it comes down to them not liking white people. And to any people who doubt me, go on GGPO/Supercade and play these guys. Then report back here.



Do you have anything constructive to say or are you just going to troll with Tech?


Alexander it’ll be best to ask them if you want to find the answer but I feel you wont because your looking at the problem incorrectly. Right now your directing your problem to a cultural and some can look at it as a racism. I wouldn’t say its racism but still not a healthy way to look at the situation. if some one is ruining your time online, simply cope with it. If not than avoid them when ever you encounter them.

You only have control of what you can do not others.

DJRedrumofEPG pretty much sum up how the situation should be looked at, GGPO has no mods so their nothing to keep the people in their in check.(which is why i stop supporting it, i was even stalked by all type, even Americans) Supercade you can block people .


It’s not a fact, it’s a generalization and not all hispanics are mexican. You are grouping all hispanics with mexicans when stating your personal experience.


I bet every single person who’s calling him racist is white.


First i thought that was only a phenom in mmorpgs but i saw that in other genres too. Brazillians are by far the retardest kids out theire shit talk,hacking,cheating like no one else closely followed by other south americans and greeks. Every mmorpg the same with this kiddys.


I bet you’re right.