Why are jump-in combos uncommon?

Why don’t good players follow up with a combo when they land a jump-in attack?

It’s risky looking for jump-in attacks (and unsafe to jump) but when you do chance on one hitting, why not combo into something? Most good players follow up with a throw.

I guess its because once you get to a certain skill level you dont really expect for your jump in combo to land on someone, because jump ins are one of the easier hits to parry or block like fireballs. Thats why you dont really see alot of jump ins anyway in high level play. Now if you go to a beginners match youll see alot of repitive fireballs, sweeps and, crazy jumping around and random supers.

So once you learn to get around all that people just do jump in hits for pressure and if the opponent blocks they use that block stun to walk up grab and stuff or they just jump in and throw.

But i guess it all comes down to how fast you can react to the game, just like when you do random c. mk to a blocking opponent but then one out of 5 or so hits, if your fast enough it wont just surprise you and you will be able to combo it into a super or something.

Oh ya and hello everyone this is my first time posting here.

Eh, what? Good players usually follow up their jump-ins if they connect. Most of the time they throw out a normal after they’ve landed to “confirm” the hits, if they connected and it comboed, they’ll dish it out appropriately.

It’s unusual to see somebody combo after a jump-in in high level play. I think Inuyasha is right. Nearly all jumping attacks get parried or blocked against a good player, it makes sense that people aren’t expecting them to connect.

Kuroda’s Q uses jump-ins to start combos though.

Kuroda is the man with Q though, tis putting justin’s Chun to shame…

It’s not hard to see if a jump in connected or not…

them jump ins get parried. parry super or parry combo super all day.

Qft Kuroda is a beast.

um, i guess it kinda depends who you’re talking about. Dudley, Alex, Urien all have REDICULOUSLY good normal jump-ins, and then there are godly command jump-ins (dive kicks, etc)…

idk, i guess jump-ins are easy to parry if you’re opponent is a shoto or some regular character, but i’ve seen TOP level players get hit with Dudley’s jump-in HK, Alex’s jump-in HP, and Urien’s HK ALL DAY LONG.

I don’t think I’ve really noticed such a thing…even at high level play. Usually from what I’ve seen, most players are able to follow up with a combo/super after a successful jump in. Sometimes they’ll even do stuff like delay the combo after the connected jump in and then finish with a combo just before the opponent thinks to parry/block. Like how Aruka will do an early j.HP (which has a lot of stun) with Ibuki, and then wait till the stun is just finishing and then do s.MK to hcb+HP. The opponent doesn’t expect the delayed combo and ends up eating even more damage because the extra string was not immediately followed after the jump in.

watch sbo2 if im correct… the dudley vs gouki match, you see a dudley jump in and hit gouki really late with j.hk I mean, hitting him in the knees-LATE

Also some jumpings like aznflict says are harder to parry… Q’s j.hk can be a real bitch to parry at times because it takes so long to hit why kuroda might be able to get so much combos in

I really had shotos in mind when I posted. I rarely ever see good Ken’s combo after jumping HK or crossup MK, for example.

ken has such a good ground game, why even bother with jump-ins? i mean, the occassional cross-up MK isn’t bad, but why risk it?

you know what happened …

some guy parried my alex’s air-fierce and whiffed a landing throw , upn my touchdown , hyperbomb …owned

Hyperbomb sucks.


i know … but is fun to use that on mis-meaties and defensive pokes .

:rolleyes: geez …

Jump-ins are easily parried.
You can see them coming a mile away most of the time.

Plus it’s really easy just to knock someone out of the air. That goes for most fighters. Hence the emphasis on footsies in this.

As everyone is saying, jump-ins are easy to parry. Also, as far as I’m aware there aren’t a lot of combos that start from an aerial attack that have an advantage over ground combos, especially to a point that makes them worth the risk.

Jumping in empty is actully the best move in the game, LOL

Seriously tho, This is not CvS2, guys. High ended players should have parry skills. Its just safer to jump in empty baiting the anti air and throw when you both do nothing.

Thats like basics of high end play, I think. But if you’re Frankie3s. Your jumpins ROCK!

Empty jumping crossover throw is Patented by me. Only Emphy can tech it, bitches! LOL