Why are most Viper players so aggressive? She seems to be a passive character

You guys have been playing this game for far more than me I guarantee, I literally got it for Christmas and have been working my way through all of the challenges. I finally got through everything C.Viper has and I think that just b/c I spent so much damn time on her that I got attached and will probably main with her.

So here’s the question: Why does everybody use her as a rushdown character? When I watch the guys like Uryo, etc. play, they seem to always want to be close and throwing as many feints as possible, and basically holding forwards as much as they can.

It just seems the character has a far larger advantage from a distance where you can throw down Seismos, feints, or HJ Burning kick. Her crossup game is really strong and is almost the exact position I want to be in, and I try to set it up as much as I possibly can.

So whats the general reaction here? Am I just a complete noob and wrong, or is actually blocking with Viper ok?

Actually, I’m of the opinion that Uryo plays more patiently in tournament situations. His rushdown is pretty sick during casuals, but you can see the difference when he’s playing in a tournament.

Well obviously for lesser skilled players versus a fantastic C.Viper player you can assume that to some extent Viper’s with doing a rushdown is going to overwhlem the lesser player and they’ll freeze up or lose composure. At high skill levels, that isn’t as practical, but I still see a lot of people do it like that and then get punished.

tbh i thought that’s how her metagame evolved. I can see her being played like a ryu or ken (not in a scrubberly fashion); jabs and pokes into a l. TK and continue with strings, or end with a c. mk > burning Kick. If this is what her metagame is now, that would be totally awesome and would be cool if my friend picks up on this so that he becomes challenging to fight.

Well i don’t feel okay playing viper defensively. Her defensive options are weak and not really damaging like the shotos’, and she relies heavily on being in your face and mixing you up to score damage. She doesn’t have good normals like a lot of the campy characters, and you can’t really prevent people from getting in on viper. And once they get in, she does’t really have a good way to shake them off, which is why her matchup vs gief is retarded. Her defensive options are weak and limited. F. TK hits for crap damage and usually trades(can be beneficial if you have ultra though), seismo feints don’t work on people who know her. Her damage output from far is really poor. If you like winning through 70 dmg and 100 dmg hits, that’s fine though, everybody’s playstyle is different. My vision of viper is a rushdown character who fucks you up with resets, mixups and highly damaging/stunning combos.

Yeah viper wasn’t designed to be a true rushdown character. She got a special move that covers the entire screen length and causes knockdown for a reason. She’s more of a space control and mind games type character. Viper doesn’t really have the tools to consistently apply pressure with frame traps and strong normals which normally make a rushdown type. She can rushdown but I don’t believe that is her ideal style since her rushdown is very execution intensive and has many inevitable gaps and holes that people who understand will take advantage of.

Id go as far to say that rog works better on rushdown than viper. Rufus and Dictator are also examples of characters who can be played with a rushdown mentality and can do it more safely than viper. That’s why Viper can cancel and feint every move she has. Her rushdown only works if u get the opponent to flinch or gues wrong. So mind games are more important with viper whether they are offensive or defensive vs. Her straight out rush.

I used to think Viper should be played at a distance with all the tools she had at one point. But eh, sometimes in SF4 it’s just there for you to use - but not the main thing to look for. Viper has really good risk/reward situations, and sometimes the reward leaves you in a rewarding position which is even better. I’d say, use her distance game and tools if you want to secure a lead or know that in a specific match up the opponent would get damaged on the way in. Other than that, sometimes it’s just kill or be killed. Random them or they random you out. It may sound stupid, but you can’t deny you haven’t seen that all too often in SF4.

With that said, being aggressive isn’t a bad play style but knowing when to chill out is what makes a good Viper.

Yeah, because Im not good at mind games or integrating quick feints in my attack strings (although Im starting to), any time I try to play viper super aggro I get my ass beat. So I try to tell myself to chill and just bait stuff that I can punish.

I want to be Alex Valle when I grow up.