Why are my jabs always stuffed/beaten?

Hey guys, I’ve flittered around FG’s for a while now but I’ve been determined to get better at USF4 while we all wait for SFV. I’ve got a couple hundred hours spent in endless/training, afraid to lose the 300 PP I happened to earn against people who are fresh out of the box -_- Whenever I play a character with projectiles, Gouken/Ken specifically, I don’t have too terrible a time because it’s easier to set the pace of the match. I have this problem with ‘trying’ to land my combos, and after being repeatedly reminded by a friend of mine, I slowly started to figure out that I need to actually play the game; not just attempt the combos I’ve practiced. Looking for someone with all the right tools, I picked Yun. His links are easy, his DP is incredible, he’s top tier, yadda yadda… but whenever I go in on someone, I’m always stuffed out and combo’d when I’m trying to initiate something. Unfortunately, I became obsessed with FG’s after picking up MvC3 years ago and learned bad habits: staying on the ground in Marvel isn’t really a thing, so outside of jump-ins or dash forward low confirms (which doesn’t work quite the same way in SF), I have a hard time rushing someone down. I’ll go into my crJab>stJab>stJab>stStrong>________ combo, but I’m jabbed or shorted out before I even finish pressing a button. This has happened to me continuously over the hours upon hours I’ve put into SF4. I don’t get it and I don’t really understand what I’m doing wrong.

I’m not necessarily asking for someone to sit in training and coach me (though I wouldn’t mind!) I really just don’t understand why pressing a button backfires 90% of the time. It’s not a matter of knowledge… hell, I probably know more about SF mechanics than most of the people I come across; that’s not hubris, I study to a ridiculous degree for someone who is terrible at this game. There’s just something not clicking when I can’t sit back and throw fireballs while I bait jumps or focus.

I know I can’t be the only one who has had this issue starting out (though I’m a few years too late). Any tips from SNK?

If you get poked out of jab strings your jabs aren’t comboing. What is weird is that you have to leave a huge gap in between your jabs to get beaten out of it by a normal since you’re positive on block after landing one.
That being said, you posted in the wrong forum. This is the SFV forum and this thread would be rather fitting in the Newbie Dojo.

Stop sitting back and throwing fireballs if it’s not working.
I’m almost positive that is only good on hugo and the best character for that’s guile and sim :confused:

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I don’t think you read the post properly?

What do you mean when you say that your jabs are getting beaten out? Can you give a specific example?

You said you get jabbed or shorted out before you have even finished pressing a button but I don’t understand how that is working? As in, are you dive kicking in but hitting them above the waist so it’s unsafe before you press jab or is it another circumstance?

Either you’re at frame disadvantage after the divekick, or you’re timing your jabs way too late. I know the latter is a common problem amongst beginners, so make sure to practice to push the button as early as possible after you’ve recovered.

You have to present some situations to us where you are getting jabbed out before you couldstart your offense, i can spit out dozen of situations where this could’ve happened. I can’t help unless you are more specific though.
The absolutely most common ones are these:
-You hit the divekick too high so you cannot combo afterward, and on block you are not likely to be able to pressure afterwards as you’re not advantageous.
-When doing cr.lp, cl.lp on an opponent waking up and youa re getting jabbed out of it, it means you mistimed your “meaty” attack.
-You are getting stuffed out of your divekick, it means you are too predictable. You have to change up your hieght, timing, angles with your divekicks. Also have to bait and incorporate normals jump attacks and empty jumps etc.

I haven’t even touched on meaty and delayed divekicks on wakeup, so i’m unsure if you are having problems in that situation, so give some concrete situations so others and myself can help you better.
There is a lot more to divekicks than simply aiming it in the general direction of the opponent and expecting to be able to combo or pressure afterwards.

I read the last 4 lines cuz the top was pretty big.

Try to upload a video of this happening. I really don’t understand what you mean by getting the jabs stuffed. If your jab is losing to someone else’s normals you’re very likely putting yourself in a disadvantageous situation. Yun’s cr jab is even 3f if i recall correctly so they’re really fast.

There are only two main situations where you will be beat out when doing a jab in the scenario you described. (by the shorts and jabs of your opponent)

You either jab into their normal’s hitbox. Or you are at frame disadvantage.

If you are jabbing into their normal’s hitbox and getting beaten, you are either being whiff punished by being too far away or not attacking soon enough (getting hit on startup). In both of those situations you need to have a firmer grasp of the footsie game, timing and knowing when to advance. Ideally when you are close enough and they are frame trapped, though this is not always possible. Footsies, footsies, footsies.

On the other hand if you are in a frame trap (In general: if they have frame advantage after you block or get hit by a move), you have to be careful pressing jab at all.

Just some insight, and hopefully that clears it up.

I didn’t see any mention of starting your rushdown using dives, but I’m supposed to have my glasses on so I prolly missed it if you did.
As others have mentioned, if you start with dives, it is absolutely imperative that you hit below the waist of the character in order to combo. Or you WILL get stuffed by jabs and shorts.

If your blockstrings are too loose, opponent’s crouch tech will come out in the gaps. They are using fuzzy guard which is like buffering a move while you’re in block stun. If you keep the blockstring tight, they are stuck in blockstun until you push them out of range. Chances are they are crouch teching, holding down back, and hit lp + lk in time with your attacks (in time with a 3 frame jab) fishing for an opening, ensuring you don’t grab them with a tic throw.

If you’re talking about on hit, then you are dropping the combo while they’re mashing.

Just a slight correction, Fuzzy Guard is when your opponent attempts to block low(or high in some cases) after being hit and are stuck in the last state they were hit in even if they try to block.(they can block said next attack if they guess right)

Simple example, Adon in sf4, jump in mk(hitting them standing), land (opponent attempts to block low), immediate neutral jump mk hits because they are stuck in the standing animation even if they attempt to block low, essentially they are forced to block high if you do a instant air attack during fuzzy gaurd(cannot be ducked). Keep in mind these are very specific and depend on a lot of circumstances.

If I’m not mistaken you are thinking of simple input buffering.

ah yeah, my bad. I guess fuzzy guard has to do with high low as you said.
I was trying to convey the notion that you can be doing other things after you block an attack, and if your opponent is doing a string of attacks (block string), that you’ll be forced to continue to block even if you are hitting buttons or mashing dp (which is to say holding forward). Like you say, “buffering the input” of the dp or cr jab etc during block.

The term I was thinking of was “absolute guard” or “absolute block” - couldn’t think of it before