Why are my wake up shoryukens being completely stuffed?


Just plain old regular jump ins completely shut down my shoryukens. Wake up or not it will not work. I play Akuma, isn’t his SRK 3 frames? Doesn’t that just beat everything? these aren’t fancy set ups these people are doing. Just hard knock down, jump in, stuffed SRK.


Check for the ‘Reversal’ message. If there isn’t one it means the SRK didn’t come out first frame or at all and they will likely hit you out of whatever did come out instead

*Reversal can mean any special came out - so if you are seeing the message another potential problem could be the less invincible more eat foot to face special came out instead. Usually a hadou.


As said, make sure you are hitting your reversal timing properly.

Also, watch your punch strength.

LP Shoryuken has 2 frames of invincibility.
MP Shoryuken has 5.
HP Shoryuken has 6.
EX Shoryuken has 18.

If you use LP Shoryuken which starts up in 3 frames, there’s 1 frame where you can be hit out of the startup. The other Shoryuken strengths are fully invincible during startup.


Certain jump ins w certain characters stuff it if it is a cross up, like a cross up j.lk w Juri air resets you if you wake up shoryu.


And other characters know setups that dodge your dp. It doesn’t look like it but it is. Vega has one after a hard knockdown; he dashes forward, jumps over and performs hp. This makes the shoryuken completely whiff.


Yeah I think any move that has a straight down hitbox underneath the character have the potential to completely stuff DP’s if applied properly. Both Vega and Juri can do that. Maybe a few others


I miss the days of the invulnerable DP in SF.