Why are people so racism against anime fans?


today while i was at the mall, i wore my ballin ass DBZ silk over-shirt on top of my Cardcaptor Sakura casual t-shirt and got a lot of mean glares from people. one person even went up to me and said “DBZ sucks.” i replied to him with "FUCK U stupid doody head :arazz: "

all in all i just don’t get it. i mean most of srk is an anime fan, so you guys have the answer or at least relate to this type of situation.


Did it have Vegata on it? That might’ve been the reason.


You people should sign a petition on whitehouse.gov and get Obama to make this sort of thing illegal.
Anime is one thing Republicans and Democrats can agree on, however Goku vs Superman may bring America down to it’s knees.


Shame on them for being so racism.

Racisms like them should be ashamed.

When will racisms stop being so racism?


Not getting into the errors in presentation, but the idea behind it; does it matter? They’re missing out.


Idiots need to stop throwing the word racism around.

If people don’t like your hobby or sexuality, or some other shit you shared voluntarily and assumed everyone would love and accept you for, they are not racist. You just made a bad call, and hopefully learned not to do it again in the future. That’s on YOU, not them. To quote Batman “…Cry me a river.”

If people don’t like your skin color, they ARE racist. Then you can complain. It’s about 15 years too late for dbz t-shirts (hell, Japan was over the series even before Z ended), unless you’re built, or competing in a fighting game tourney.


^ This fucking guy.


Yep, gotta be careful who you open up to about this stuff sometimes.

As for that BatQuote, Supes was PISSED those 2 eps, Darkseid was SHAMELESS, and a backstabber as usual, but we got massive plot shifts so business as usual in the DCAU JL franchise!
I rewatch that 2-parter A LOT. Orion got whomped. LOL.



But seriously when will people ever be smart enough to know the difference between prejudice and racism?

But yeah OP should have hit that dude with his Hundred Crack fist.