Why are some people so bad at managing meter?

I go to MGL pretty often and occasionaly SVGL and I constantly see mismanagement of meter happening.

My favorite, and what pains me the most to see, is the constant holding back of supers (Mainly C and A Groove) when trying to finish off an opponent at 20% life or less. I understand that they’re trying to save their own lvl3 super or CC for the next fresh character. My main issue is when they’ll allow themselves to get pounded on, trying to get those last few hits in, when a simple link into a lvl 1 super would finish them off. God forbid those few times where they could win with the chip alone off a super. Guess what, that meter isn’t the greatest, when you lost 50% of your life trying to save it.

In general mismanagement is mainly located in C Groove, throwing out lvl 3’s, instead of level 1/2 on possible iffy counter-attacks. Same goes for sitting on level 3’s for half the match. (not round, match) for having the fastest growing bar in the game, I just can’t see how it’s optimal.

K and N Groover’s also suffer from some sort of immense fear of blasting someone with a lvl 3 super when they still over 1/2 their bar left. I can understand how sometimes it’s better just to hold back and try to get the most out of your extra meter. I’m mainly referring to those times where your low on life and fail to use a lvl 3 when you had the chance before you die. Or simply have a golden opportunity to get someone on death’s door by using the super.

For example, today I watched a Raged K Cammy vs. a P Chun-Li, Chun jumps practically straight over Cammy while she’s waking up (Just got raged from the last attack). Instead of smashing her with a lvl 3 Reverse Breaker (Wouldn’t kill her, but would’ve gotten her down to about 10-15%), I watch the Cammy player throw out a Cannon Spike and miss Chun entirely, allowing Chun to drop, hit her with a St. Strong followed up by a lvl 3 super to end Cammy.

And um… that’s my slight rant for now. :smiley:

they were thinking the wrong thing at the wrong time. plus you may have not seen why they didn’t do a super at their opponent.

ever watch a match video with really good players? and one guy does an odd move, and you go wtf?

and you are like “i would’ve done this…”

it’s easier to see mistakes when you are a spectator.

Yeah I agree, it is easier to see when it’s not you playing, same with hindsight.

I more refer to people who just -consistently- do the same overall mistakes. When you watch some guy play another like 6-7 times in a row with the same or near same team, you end up just wondering if they have a basic misunderstanding of what they’re attempting to do.

Most bad players are just broken carbon coppies of top players, and don’t really try to find anything innovative, and have people think for them I guess. So I guess the players are either

b)too defensive
c)stupid stiff sticks
d)not innovative or creative

and whatever happend to the NPT vs MGL thing last summer? I never ever even seen the results from it.

That died. No use in bringing back past beef. But I can tell you about it personally if I see you again.