Why are SRK avatars so terrible?

I have a big problem with SRK avatars because I don’t really like any of them. I guess I’m not pleased by sparkles and colored streaks covered by outlined character portraits/sprites, a groove bar, your team name made slightly opaque and glowing with stylized lines going everywhere. I’ve made avatars trying to parody this style and instead of being thought of as having a wicked sweet avatar. I posted something about this in a different thread on another forum, and another thread here but those aren’t really the place to talk about it, so I made my own.

i posted this on another forum:

I’m not trying to say my avatar or avatars I’ve previously made are better, but I’d just like to know why people think that sparkles, colored glowing streaks, random white lines that make right angles, scanlines, and then running your masterpiece through 10,000 photoshop filters somehow makes a good avatar~ I don’t get it :\

people think marvel looks good and has a lot of completely useless sparkles, lines and flashy magical effects that have no worth whatsoever so i think the same rule would apply to avatars

oh and really ugly sprites

That is why I make my own (terrible) avatar.

edit: sup zand and henaki

please post avatars that u think are great from another forum. i would like to know what YOU think is good.

groove bar and team avatars are garbage

well there are some clever or even decent avatars here that I can post. I really don’t go to other forums that aren’t private other than dustloop.com which is full of more of the same horrible crap~

Examples of better avatars:
http://forum.rasterboy.com/files/sakura-takeonme_376.gif ~ It’s funny if you’ve seen the A-Ha video, it loops smoothly, it doesn’t follow any of the horrible trends like sparkles or scanlines

http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/member.php?u=22108 ~ you can tell this person actually put workk into making a good avatar, it has very nice effects and is pretty large and still fits in the 50k. It also doesn’t look cheesy at all

http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/member.php?u=33314 ~ has a character sprite on it that isn’t outlined and covered with photoshop filters with a sparkly background and a groove bar, his crew name, and a huge glowy ball that doesn’t mean anything

http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/member.php?u=17609 ~ amazing :encore:

i made the first link u got in there… and it’s basically the same as mine.

Good List HAHAH 2 of em are mine :blush:

na I only linked good ones in that post

yea ur so right, but give me a break (or them a break? lol) their just avs, they last only 2 weeks most of the time. Its not that big of a deal, right? But dont get me wrong, I putalot of work into my avs (unless ppl keep askin for damn team avs lol) but im not gonna worry about the average av’s qaulity.

<—and yes my av has sparkles, but this one actually goes with the theme:pleased: lol.

ps. i hate not having internet:lame:

SRK is full of trendwhores. Deal with it.

Do the “User CP -> edit options -> uncheck ‘showavatars’” combo.

Nice av there Rei. I like it.

man, fuck you with your boring ass shit

http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/member.php?u=29910 “Look, I can use photoshop!” that one. i made. exfuckingcuse me that i quoted the wrong shit. i couldn’t double quote shit. fuck u:tdown: :lame:

Thanks, but it needs more sparkles, colored glowing streaks, random white lines that make right angles, scanlines, outlined character portraits/sprites, a groove bar, my team name (Bust Karate Dojo) made slightly opaque and glowing with stylized lines going everywhere, some filters, outer glow and tons of airbrush before I’m happy with it.

^^^then…animate it…that’ll be so dope.

Yeah!!! Some sort of glowing, pulsing shaft of light!!!

My avatar is a profound statement. It combines my love of cats, hatred of automobiles, and fondness of Capcom 2D fighters into one animated piece of pixelated glory.

And while SRK does have many avatars that fall into the theme you describe (personally, I don’t mind it… some of them are quite nice), it has its share of great ones, too. Remember the one with Q Deadly Double-ing a Pepsi machine? Or AkumaTX’s old one of Akuma with a guitar and cowboy hat?

My rebuttal:

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Answer: because SRK has a lot of shitty avatar makers.

Side note: Just because an avatar has “light beams and sparkles” doesn’t automatically make it garbage. Its poor execution that yields ugly results.

I personally like this av:

So i see that you decide to add mine to the terrible list. I dont dedicate all my fuckin time to make avatars, i just do it whenever i am bored. Hence why i don’t make avatars for people anymore. If you dont like those avatars, then keep it to yourself. Yeah SRK’s got some shitty avatar makers, but why make a thread to single them out? thats not cool. thats pretty low actually, keep it to yourself. So what if we all “love sparkles and rainbows”. who really gives a shit…

I dont want to start shit, but i dont think making this thread it necesary.