Why are the astro city button placements different on the 2p side?


I was researching buying an astro city panel when I noticed it.

Its even different on the HSS-0130

Maybe its common knowledge, the 2 player is almost like a vewlix layout. Just thought it was odd.

Layout Advantages (i.e. Vewlix, Sega P1/P2, etc.)

yea thats y most people perfer 2p astro as apposed to 1 astro layout also the hss has the same panel just with 2 extra buttons :slight_smile:


The 2P side is designed so that when played at a slight angle, the button layout matches the 1P layout. The reason being, the panel makes you sit very close together, so even a few inches is nice.


To let Players have room.
Too close to each other if same Layout.


And the Panel you showed is a Seimitsu Astro City Panel.

Seimitsu Astro City.


Sanwa Astro City.


Notice difference on 2P Side?

The HSS-0130 even come with Seimitsu LS-32 Joysticks.

Layout Advantages (i.e. Vewlix, Sega P1/P2, etc.)

gotcha, not sure I like it but I got it.


Sit at an angle?


Naw I’m kiddin’ I like Seimitsu 2p layout. I was kinda wondering this same thing myself. Glad to have it cleared up.


They did with the Lindbergh, both players have identical layouts now because the panel is 3" wider.

The old layout was a good idea though, it shows sega realised 2 fat people might want to play at the same time.


Yeah, you never know when a sumo wrestler would want to play at the arcade.