Why are the fall physics different in 3S on PS2?

On DC/ARC the fall physics and timings are different. Why? Some combos don’t work either.

I don’t know about the DC version’s physics, but Ps2 is nearly arcade perfect, the physics are fine. Maybe you’re superjumping by accident or something.

on PS2 you can’t combo after…

lp,mp DS,SA2,mp or rh…

On DC/ARC you can fall down before they hit the ground and get a BB off when roll.

They fall like the “Stunned” fall but on PS2 its a normal fall…

explain the situation better (which character you are playing, against which)

DC version messes up on many things (expecially Dudley’s LP mgb juggles) compared to the arcade version, so saying “DC/ARC” is close to blasphemy

i get this alot, i thought i was crap, thanks for saying that, now i know it’s not my fault.

ARC and PS2 fall physics are almost if not exactly the same, theres small timing differences in the game though. DC is a whooooooooole other story.

shoto c.mk isnt hit confirmable anymore :sad:

Where is it not hit-confirmable?!:confused:

iirc the DC version had a single frame added to startup of all moves or something along those lines. I only have some vague recollection of the matter…

i think its active frames are shortened by like 1 and it means people with shitty reaction time cant hitconfirm it or something but i dont honestly know i made that shit up

less hitpause maybe

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i can hit confirm it on arcade a lot more consistently.

I don’t believe there’s any difference in move startup on DC, PS2 and Arcade. The confusion may be due to the 3S bible that was based on DC data using a different measuring method than later publications. That elusive extra first frame was just difference in interpretation iirc. Also, the common consensus around these parts was that Chun’s C.MK was hard/impossible to hit confirm because of a natural input lag on the DC and not a major difference in the game system. Since I’m just repeating what I’ve been told, I’m not a 100% on any of that.

As for fall mechanics, this is the first time I’ve heard anything about a difference in that aspect.

In mame after you hit SA2 do they fall like in the “stunned” status?

What character are you talking about, 'cause as far as I know, SA2’s differ from char to char…:confused::confused:

Sean’s SA2

^ no its not, xbox is “faster” than ps2 even.

slowest is arcade, then ps2, xbox, then dc is the fastest.

on dc it honestly does seem as if all moves have one less frame of hitstun, making hit confirms more difficult, because you have to do them faster. several times if i miss a link on dc i know i would’ve gotten it on ps2 or arcade. imo playing dc does help your timing, because there is no real penalty for doing hit confirms early if you can see it regardless.

but yeah just dc is faster.

the “fall physics” are not different in ps2 though, you’re just messing up. because the timing is different.

Are u suggesting that he’s a noob?