Why are the lights out - Cole Mcgrath Thread

I have really grown fond of this character in the last few days so I decided to make a thread for this character as well.

Meter Levels:
Lvl 1: 125
Lvl 2: 275 (400)
Lvl 3: 350 (750)

Ap Lost when grabbed:

Square or “1” Movelist:
*Amp Swing: 1-1-1 *
Causes wallbounce (5,10,40 Ap)

*Amp Swing: 1-1-1 *
Causes a crumple (5,10,30 Ap)
Turns out that it’s a random effect (thx Jocelot with the info)

*Grind: s1 *
Has three different follow up
Gigawatt Blade Combo: s1~1 (5, 25 Ap)
Launches your opponent in the air
Leaping Shoulder Tackle: s1~2 (20 Ap)
Launches you and opponent in the air
Stop: s1~3 (No Ap Gain)

Amp Explosion: u1
General anti-air (20 Ap)

Thunder Drop: d1
Sits your opponent down (20 Ap)

Air Amp Swing: j1-1
Swings twice and the 2nd hit spikes the opponent down (5, 25 Ap)

Lighting Tether: j.s1
Stuns the opponent if caught and it also takes you to the wall (5 Ap)
You also have the option to wall cling by holding the jump button and towards the wall

Air Amp Explosion: j.u1
Juggles the opponent higher? (20 Ap)

Air Thunder Drop: j.d1
Sits your opponent down (20 Ap)

Triangle or “2” Movelist:
Lighting Bolts: 2 (holdable)
Shoots a projectile at the opponent. It doesn’t stop your opponent from advancing.
Bolts can be aimed and stack on your opponent up to 5times
Continuous hits will cause stun on the fifth hit though it has be used rather quickly (5 Ap per hit)

Sticky Grenade: s2
Shoots a sticky grenade at the opponent in an arc direction (20 Ap)

Redirect Rocket: u2
Shoots a projectile straight upwards (20 Ap)
I believe if it makes contact with a roof then it comes straight down?
If you shoot a neutral 2, it will go in the direction you shot the neutral 2 (thx Jocelot)

Alpha Blast: d2
Shoots a barrier in front of him which pushes the opponent back (10 Ap)

Air Lightning Bolts: j.2
Same as the lightning bolts only in the air (5 Ap)

Air Sticky Grenade: j.s2
Same as sticky grenade only in the air.
He does keep momentum if he is running and doing this move
He will stay stationary if he didn’t run previous to his move (20 Ap)

Air Redirection Rocket: j.u2
Same as redirection rocket only in the air (20 Ap)

Air Alpha Blast: j.d2
Same as alpha blast only in the air
Pushes Cole slightly backwards (10 Ap)

Circle or “3” Movelist:
Frost Shield: 3
Cole creates a shield right in front of him
Absorbs projectiles & gives ap to the player(? Ap)

Freeze Rocket: s3
Cole shoots an ice ball at the opponent
Freezes the opponent for a short time.
Can combo into Lvl1 (10 Ap)

Ice Launch: u3
Propels himself upwards to get away from the opponent
Can hit the opponent on it’s way up and launches the opponent as well (20 Ap)

Ice Barrier: d3
Calls out a chunk of ice from the ground in front of Cole (20 Ap)
Launches the opponent as well

Air Frost Shield: j3
Same as frost shield but in the air (? Ap)

Air Freeze Rocket: j.s3
Freezes the opponent in place in the air (10 Ap)
Can combo into lvl 1

Air Ice Launch: j.u3
Propels Cole while he is in the air
Can not be done if you already double jumped
The ice clunk falling hurts the opponent (20 Ap)

Air Ice Barrier: j.d3
Launches the opponent higher if they are airborne (20 Ap)
Launches the opponent if they are grounded

Amp Slam: d grab
Body Toss: s grab
Amp Launch: u grab

Lvl 1: Human Bullet
Lvl 2: Ionic Freeze
Lvl 3: Electric Tornado

We have loops thanks to akitolovesmusic2

s1, n1, j.s1, j.11 = 55ap

s1, n1, j.s1, j.d3, jump cancel, j.n11 = 65ap

d1, s3, s1, n1, j.s1, j.n11 = 85ap

d1, s3, s1, n1, j.s1, j.d3, jump cancel, j.n11 = 135ap

up grab, j.s1, j.d3, jump cancel, j.n11 = 50ap

d3, jump, j.s1, j.s3, land, j.s1, j.d3, jump cancel, j.n11 = 85ap

j.s1, s3, land, lvl1 = 20ap

d3, j.s1, j.s3, land, lvl1 = 35ap

n111, d1, s3, lvl1 = 60ap *you have to get crumple for it to work

n111, d1, s3, s1, n1, j.s1, j.11 = 145ap *you have to get crumple for it to work

*Please note, I did not make these combos but I do use a good handful of them

Good cole…Also, i kind of wished there wasnt a wait time for the reserved post =[

No biggie, I’ll delete the post.

You know of any good setups to land his level 1? I normally use s.3 but needing to be close often makes it unreliable for me most of the time.

You didnt have to delete it…The only one I can think of at the moment is using n1-1-delayed 1 which causes the crumple state into lvl1…I am not sure if that is how you are suppose to do that string but that is the only way I know I can get it out more than once

According to the strategy guide, the effect at the end of Cole’s basic 1,1,1 combo is random. Also, Redirect Rocket homes in when you fire a bolt (st. 2) at an opponent. After that it’ll head for them, hit or blocked.

I use it to catch people who try to roll past you, it’ll scoop 'em up almost every time. I also like to use the freeze blast, but they have to be pretty close or they tech out.

Well that sucks that it’s random D:, that is good to note about the redirect rocket

Yeah it was really driving me crazy to try to figure out the secret to the combo only to find it’s supposedly random lol.

Crumple being random sucks. I always try to get crumple when I use his n.1 chain. I wish Good Cole has charged punch

I corrected the crumple in the first post and the redirect rocket post

In the corner, you can do j.d1 into Lvl 1 because it combos but I can only get it to connect off the short hop version of the move. You know the one without the ground electric blast that comes out of it

You can actually hold the super button for as long as you want until the meter runs out when you do lvl 1 super

Edit 2:
I have a feeling good cole will be a better character than evil cole as the game continues to evolve. It is just a feeling though

I just realized you can actually press the jump button to jump out of grind D: lol

This might be a cool setup. I still have to test it out though. If you score the knockdown with cole and your opponent is in the corner, you can grind through your opponent and stop. Then you can go straight into a grab if you want since you have access to your normals and throws, the moment it you exit it. I think it will reverse the inputs of the roll but I am not sure though

I came into this late. Let me share all I know at the moment.

Yeah. For good Cole, I haven’t found much to set up his level 1 except crumple and catching semi-safe rolls. Freeze seems a bit finicky, especially because it has to be close.

Broken as hell, I say. I play Evil Cole mainly, and this is the greatest thing for setting up the correct spacing for his double grenade, as well as it gives me basically a free charge midair while I’m jumping out of combat.

For the j.d1 confirm, have you tried the following: At least with the evil variety, you can j.d1 right next to the ground, and the attack comes out without the startup frames, it’s kinda crazy. With evilman, it seems to change the properties from his normal knockback from a jumping dive to the stun of his ground d1. I don’t have the game with me at the moment, but that’s something I would check, and it’s way easier to land.

And Good Cole I feel is definitely better then Evilman. Good Cole has the crumple off his jab, which you can get a free 135 meter off of if you’re not interrupted. Freeze gives a midscreen confirm for his grind launchers that doesn’t require charging, though I prefer falcon punch. Good Cole’s got a barrier, and his d3 can be cancelled into anything else as a way to make his grind and ranged tools safer. Also, I am a newb with the good variety, but it seems you can do some dirty resets from j.f1 cancelled into grenade, then they are forced to block or get hit by the explosion, which I bet a better player would consistently convert off of, especailly because Good Cole can combo off his up throw if I’m not mistaken (at least I know Evil Cole can)

And…final thought. Anyone know where I can rant about Evil Cole? I know him better, and I can’t find the thread for him.

If you’re into Evil Cole, you can make a thread for him.

Never started a character thread before, that’ll be fun. I may want to copy this thread’s format, but as of right now I don’t have the game (back at college after thanksgiving, my housemate is getting his copy in the mail in a few days), so I don’t have much access right now to the meter build and names of his moves. But that will be coming soon. I intend to play both Coles, as I think the Good Variety wrecks ranged characters a bit better (my bro’s already figuring out the falcon punch matchup, and otherwise his Sackboy’s really hard to get near 1v1), so I’ll still be around.

You can go right ahead since they share similar moves and I am sure they build the same amount of ap on said moves

I think I found another way to combo into super…I will record it when I get home from my camera…But you can do d3, walk forward s3, lvl 1 :o

Edited post #2 to so that good Cole has jump loops :smiley: