Why are the lights out - Cole Mcgrath Thread


Theres sweet tooth he can confirm to level 1, Dante can,(prob more I’m not mentioning) everyone else doesn’t really need a hit confirm because of A) how fast there supers are, B) how wide spread it can be and C) how more difficult it is to interrupted and be avoided. Also for the ice to confirm you have to be literally in front of them, and if you do land it they somehow magically roll out during the animation of them about to be bulleted away. And him catching rolls i tried to experiment with this, and they can still roll out of it if they just keep spamming rolls.


Actually the majority of the class can hitconfirm into their level ones and twos. Do you mean they can roll even after being picked up/are prone in the air or right before that happens after the super is activated?

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I think fat princess probably has the best lvl1 confirms… confirms from jumping and ground attacks, all of which are useful, and one has a super armor… soooo yeah.


magic, did you read ANY of the discussion above? he hits level 1 off of wayward j.f+1, and ANY version of d+3.

how is that “no confirms”

u trollin son


I will post a few combos when I come home from Next Level


*Updated the third post with combos


Man I cannot jump cancel j.s3 for the life of me.

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sooooo…is everybody going to ignore this? or test it out more thoroughly? do you think it was just coincidence or that he’s trolling? lol


I tried it out a little. At first it seemed like I was getting more crumples, and then the next day it didn’t seem to work for me at all. I’m not sure what to make of it because my execution isn’t the best anyway, so if it’s a timing thing it might just be my fault.

So basically, no idea!


it’s random. random is random. it’s just a coincidence.


can anybody give me a run down on how you guys basically play cole? i main raiden (i pre-mained him before the game came out…don’t judge me!! :frowning: lmao) so obviously im extremely spoiled. i can’t seem to win FFA’s to save my life explanations of why are redundant, but perhaps somebody could enlighten me as to how i can beat out the more friendly FFA characters? As we all know he and most of the cast is suited more for 2v2, where he can avoid specials with his mobility and such, however i just want to see what other ppl are doing.

for example, in a tech chasing situation what do you guys do? do you guys sit back and neutral triangle and absorb ap, do you guys short hop into tether grab or d.1? (shield thing to begin a combo). up triangle into neutral triangle? do you launch and down square in FFA?

give me a little run down on what ppl’s strategies are in FFA and 2v2 so i can have a better understanding as to what i can do with cole, especially FFA. 2v2 i think it’s self explanatory just hold your own and try not to get killed, where as FFA is more about killing than surviving, but again feel free guys! thanks.


From my experience, you pretty much want to zone with good Cole. His grenades stick onto the opponent and has a delayed explosion which your opponent has to respect or else the explosion will blow up and give you double ap(20 instead of 10). Take advantage of his grind because he has plenty of options out of it. He can jump, stop or attack out of it. He has a wallcling which is ok in my opinion and it allows you to shoot lightning bolts from this position. His j.s1 which is his stun move is really good both in combo which stuns the opponent, draws you in as well and you can use it to stick to walls. His cmd jump launches you in the air and can be used off one jump so you can definitely run away if you want.


I like the wall cling on certain stages to avoid certain supers. You get up to the top corner of a stage with a roof and I feel like you can dodge a lot of the transformation level 3’s like Nariko and Kratos or Heihachi’s Kuma level 2.


after two hours or so in the training room last night, found some more juice for Cole:

these are all based off of hitting j.d+1, which is a move that comes out incredibly fast when you do it right before touching the ground. it is a commitment, however, as you have a lengthy recovery time where you will be surely punished if they block it. regardless, it is fantastic to use if you want to take a risk, or to punish the opponent’s mistakes or as a practical way to punish rolls from knockdown (think sweet tooth’s j.1).

155 AP combo

j.d+1, (land) f+3, f+1>2, j.u+2, j.f+1, j.d+3, (land) j.f+1, j.2 (missile hits)

the timing on this is weird, but it’s not so hard to get down once you figure out the individual pieces. you need to do j.u+2 IMMEDIATELY after recovering from f+1>2. after you fire the rocket, your j.f+1 will hit as low to the ground as possible and you can squeeze a j.d+3 in before you land. from there, you do the rest and it all works fine.

this basic combo shell can also be used to give Cole a practical 90 AP combo into level 1 super as well:

j.d+1, (land) f+3, f+1>2, j.u+2, j.f+1, j.d+3, (land) j.f+1, j.f+3, (land) level 1

he also has 2 other options for 155 AP because sometimes it’s hard to time the bolts with the first combo on the smaller non human characters (usually netting only 150 AP)

j.d+1, (land) f+3, f+1>2, j.f+1, j.f+3, (land) u+3, j.u+2, j.f+1, j.2 (missile hits)

essentially you need to make sure you land close to the opponent after you hit them with the freeze missile to make sure u+3 will hit them. then, do j.u+2 immediately after recovering from it and time your j.f+1 correctly.

alternatively, you can do

j.d+1, (land) f+3, d+3, j.f+1, j.f+3, (land) u+3, j.u+2, j.f+1, j.2 (missile hits)

this is a good alternative because hitting f+1>2 after f+3 misses on some of the nonhuman characters on specific sides. this happens because of the way they turn their body when they get frozen. I will make a list of them once I get done with some other stuff I’ve been doing.

the thing to take from these combos is that whenever you hit u+3 in a combo or wherever, you can always add that missile ender for 65 total AP. these combos are useful in 2v2 as well because it’s much harder to hit cole out of it when he’s way up high in the air.

I’m finishing my Raiden tutorial first, but I will definitely be making a Cole one as well soon. cheers~


Definitely going to try these combos out…However, I need to redownload the game again on my vita since I deleted it by accident and I have no wifi at home =[





Yeah I don’t think I’ll ever be able to pull something like that :frowning: loving the video tho :slight_smile:


Could you start the combo with st.:d:+1 as well? I think that move puts your opponent in the same state as j.:d:+1.




Sweet moves man. This will help teach me the ways of the light side.